Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In Nigeria

Source: Hot Vibes Media

In this article we are going to take a look at the list of he most expensive cities or states in Nigeria this year. 

Out of the 36 states in Nigeria,we are going to reveal some of the most expensive states,these states has a well developed estates,buildings and infrastructure,hence are among the most expensive. 
Let's quickly take a look at the most expensive Nigerian cities in the most populous black nation on earth.  

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In Nigeria

1. FCT Abuja

The title of the most expensive city belongs to Abuja,since it's inception,the city has grown to become one of the mega cities in Africa.   

The city is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world. FCT Abuja is so expensive to live it,this prompted the emergence of new and more affordable satellite towns for people that cannot afford the luxury of living in FCT.  

Abuja is also the capital of Nigeria,and almost everything is expensive in this city from housing to schooling,food etc.

2. Lagos State

Lagos is the commercial hub and the largest metropolitan area in Nigeria. The city is the economic powerhouse of Nigeria.

Although Lagos is a very important state in Nigeria,it is also one of he most expensive states to live in. The interesting fact about Lagos state is that it's home to both the rich and poor. 

Some of the most expensive schools,houses etc can be found in Lagos state.   

3. Rivers State : Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is always referred to as the 'oil city' mainly because there are a lot of foreign and indigenous oil companies in the state.  

Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers state,the abundance of oil companies and oil workers has contributed abundantly in making the state one of the most expensive cities in Nigeria. 

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4. Cross River State : Calabar

Cross River State brands it's self as Nigerian tourist state,and as expected the cost of living in this state is a little bit on the high side but still relatively affordable. 
This city is home to Tinapa resort, Obudu mountain resort,Marina resort and also the yearly Calabar carnival. 

The cost living in this city is moderately expensive because of the influx of tourists from different parts of the country.

5. Enugu State: Enugu

Enugu state has changed drastically over the years,the city is experiencing a boom in real estate and other areas. 
This quite city with security and good road network has continued to attract a lot of people from all-around the world to invest,this has caused a sporadic rise in the cost of living in the state making it one of the most expensive states in Nigeria. 

The state popularly called 042 is often referred to as the capital of the eastern states. 

6. Imo State: Owerri

Owerri also called 'O town' has the reputation of being a state where any fun seeking Nigerian should visit. 

Owerri is the capital of Imo State located in south eastern Nigeria,the state is ranked as one of the most expensive because of the abundance of entertainment centers all over the city.  

There are also a couple of schools in owerri and a lot of  hotels.The state is also among the oil producing states in Nigeria. 

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7. Delta State: Warri

Warri is also ranked among the most expensive cities in Nigeria.
This is mostly because of the presence of oil workers and oil companies in the state. 

Most international and local oil companies in Nigeria have their offices in Warri. This is why some basic items are costly in the state. 

8. Bayelsa State

Actually it seems as if the presence of oil companies in any state usually spikes the cost of living in that state. Bayelsa state has a fair number of oil companies that are operating in the state.

The indigenes of the state are known for fishing, farming, palm oil milling, lumbering etc. It is said that the cost of living in this city is on the high side when compared to the Nigerian states. 

Bayelsa State is the 8th most expensive city in Nigeria.

9.  Delta State: Asaba

The oil rich city of Asaba is the 9th most expensive city in Nigeria. Asaba is the capital of Delta state and is home to a number of oil firms and industrial layouts. 

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10. Kaduna State: Kaduna

Kaduna also calledd 'KD' is the tenth most expensive city in Nigeria.
The city managed to bag the 10th spot despite the large number of impoverished people living in the northern part of Nigeria.

Kaduna is known for the manufacture of textiles,steel,petroleum products etc,this has slightly made the city to be relatively expensive and ranked among the top 10 most expensive states in Nigeria.