Top 7 Types Of Marriages In Nigeria

Marriage is a ceremony that takes place around the
world,different people,tribe's and religion have their own unique way of celebrating marriage. 

Marriage is basically the union of a man and a woman to become husband and wife. 

Most often the two families involved learn to foster a relationship that will last for a life time. 
Nigeria is the only country with the highest number of black people on earth,over 200 million black people call Nigeria home. 

Nigeria's population seems to be on the steady rise due to the high number of marriages that take place across the county. In this post we will quickly check out the types of marriages in Nigeria.

Top 7 Types Of Marriages In Nigeria

This is the 21st century,a lot of Nigerians have their own personal opinions and preference when it comes to marriage,nevertheless here are some of the top types of  marriages in Nigeria based on the most popular. 

1. White Wedding

A lot of people rate this types of wedding very high in Nigeria,literally everybody in Nigeria consider this type of wedding to be the best type of wedding in Nigeria. 

Some people still look down on people who didn't have a white wedding because of the mind set that this type of wedding is the most authentic as it takes place in the church. 
White weddings are also very glamorous and trendy,the man wears a suite or a tuxedo of any color while the woman will wear a wedding gown. 

The couple can make arrangements for bridesmaid,best man,bridal train,flower girls etc. 

2. Traditional Marriage

Traditional marriage is a type of marriage in which the marriage rites are performed in a traditional way. 

Different tribes in Nigeria have their own different method of carrying out traditional marriages in Nigeria,but usually the groom comes with members of his family officially seeks for the hand of the bride in marriage. 

A particular date is set for the families to get to know each other well and plan for the marriage. 

The family of the groom will now be presented with the marriage list and requirements for the marriage. 

3. Customary Marriage

A customary marriage is slightly different from traditional marriage. In this type of Nigerian marriage,the ceremony is done based on customary law of the indigenous people. 
In most cases the bride price will not be in cash but in natural produce such as brass rods, cowries etc. This is usually given to the father of the bride.

4. Religious Wedding

This type of marriage is usually common among the muslim folks in Nigeria. 

This type of marriage is conducted following some religious procedure and principles. Some people view the white wedding as the religious wedding for christians in Nigeria.

5. Court / Statutory Marriage

Court marriage is the easiest form of marriage in Nigeria but one of the strongest in the sense that it gives the couple power to lay claims if the marriage dissolve,as a matter of fact this type of marriage usually favor the woman and the children. 

The marriage is usually registered under the marriage act of Nigeria with an issued marriage certificate. All the couple need to do is to get a few family and friends to serve as witness to the marriage.

6. Local Marriage 

This type of marriage is usually carried out among primitive people in villages in Nigeria. 
Usually the marriage is conducted by a few elders in the community that will officiate the ceremony using hot drinks. 

7. E-marriage

E-marriage is a type of marriage where people get married in cyberspace/internet. This type of marriage is not yet common in Nigeria.

You should also know that e-marrige on the internet (online marriage) is not legally binding,and a lot of people marry online just for fun,in most cases the two couples have never met themselves physically as they only communicate online. 

What other type of marriage have you witnessed before in Nigeria,tell us in the comment section below.