Western Union In Nigeria: Exchange Rates,Fees,Customer Care,Account Opening,Tracking & Branches

The Western Union is an American company that specialize in the transfer of money across the world.

The company is headquartered in Meridian,Colorado USA.

Western Union has been credited as being the pioneer of money transfer around the world,the company has facilitated the transfer of money around the world for over 164 years.

The company is trusted by millions of people around the world.

In Nigeria you can use Western Union to send money to anyone in the world and also receive money.  

This article contains all the basic information that you will need to know about how to use western union services in Nigeria,services such as western union current exchange rates,fees/charges,customer care,account opening,money tracking & branches in Nigeria.

How To Use Western Union Services In Nigeria

Q: How To Open A Western Union Account In Nigeria?

You don't need to provide any extensive documents before you can use the services of western union in Nigeria,all you have to do is to locate a WU agent nearby by walking into any commercial bank in Nigeria with the western union logo displayed at the entrance sign post and ask for the WU section.

Q: How To Send Money Overseas Via Western Union In Nigeria?

You can easily send money to anyone in any part of the world from Nigeria,all you have to do is to follow the following steps:-

  • 1. Locate any commercial bank in Nigeria,usually some of the top commercial banks in Nigeria have sections for Western Union transactions.
  • 2. You will be given a form to fill,carefully fill the form using capital letters.
  • 3. A Nigerian government issued identification card will be needed,go along with your drivers license,voters card etc.
  • 4. Give the attendant/agent your money in cash and sign the receipt,you can send the Naira equivalent of the money in dollars,i.e you can make payment in Naira,the system will convert it in dollars and the recipient will receive the money in US dollars.
  • 5. After completing this process,the money will be sent,you can also track the sent money online.
  • 5. You can send any amount of money,however if your sending over $10,000 USD you might be required to tender more documents,also transactions above $10,000 US dollars or local equivalent will be reported to Central Bank of Nigeria.

Q: How To Receive Money Via Western Union In Nigeria?

Receiving money sent via WU in Nigeria is quite easy,all you have to do is visit any commercial bank in Nigeria that offer western union services,preferably the bank you have an account with,you will then follow the following steps:-

  • 1. Visit any commercial bank in Nigeria that offer WU services,they usually have a WU section with an agent present,you can even track the money with the MTCN code sent to you in other to know the status of the money that was sent.The MTCN code is a ten digit number that the sender has to make available to you,with this code you can be able to receive your money,this code should be kept safe.
  • --
  • 2. You will be given the ''To Receive Money Form'' or ''Yellow Form'', carefully fill the form using capital letters,in the form you will be expected to provide your own details and the senders details,some of the required details include:- sender's name,where money was sent from,amount sent,a test question and answer (if applicable) and most importantly the MTCN. While filling the details of the MTCN on the form,you may be asked to write the first six digit and input the rest four on an a device also you may be required to fill an AML form (Anti Money Laundering) you should fill that as well and follow all the instructions as directed by the WU agent.
  • 3. Present your government-issued ID card and the completely filled form(s),the attendant will verify the details,afterwards you will sign the receipt and collect your money.
  • 4. You should also note that receiving money above $10,000 US dollars will be reported to Central Bank of Nigeria,you must make available the correct Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) also note that pay without ID on the Test Question alone is forbidden when receiving money in Nigeria.

Due to the recent strict policy by the government you will not be paid in US dollars,but you will be credited with the Naira equivalent of the money using the bank's current dollar to Naira exchange rate,make sure you ask all the necessary questions before you initiate the transaction.

Q: Western Union Current Exchange Rates In Nigeria?

Western Union customers that plan to send or receive money can check the current exchange rates using WU's currency calculator online.

Click Here to log on to WU'S currency calculator page.

Q: How To Track Money On Western Union In Nigeria?

You can easily track the status of the money you sent or about to receive by logging on to the official WU tracker web page. 


Simply visit the website and click on ''Track Transfer'' from the menu tab.

After that,enter your MTCN in the space provided and click on ''Track Transfer'',you will automatically receive information about the money transfer.

Click Here to log on to WU's the tracker page.

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Q: Western Union Nigeria Locations?

Western Union services are available in selected commercial banks in Nigeria.

Q: Western Union Working Hours In Nigeria?

Western Union services are available throughout the working hours of commercial banks in Nigeria which is usually from 8am- 4pm,monday - friday.

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Q: Banks That Do Western Union Transfer In Nigeria?

Listed below are some of the commercial banks that offer western union services in Nigeria:-

  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Wema Bank
  • UBA Bank
  • Ecobank Nigeria
  • Access Bank
  • Union Bank
  • GTBank
  • Sterling Bank
  • Diamond Bank
  • Stanbic IBTC
  • Skye Bank
  • FCMB

Q: Western Union Nigeria Fees?

The service fees charged by Western Union is not usually on the high side,but it's necessary that you ask the agent in the bank about the current service fees,the fees vary,depending on the bank.

Q: Western Union Nigeria Customer Care?

Listed below is the customer care service numbers of some commercial banks in Nigeria that offer western union services you can contact them for further inquiries.

You can also contact WU'S headquarters via phone or email.

1. Fidelity Bank

Money Transfer Team
moneytransfercsu@fidelitybank.ng remittancegroup@fidelitybank.ng
01: 4619031

2. Zenith Bank

234-1-2787000, 2927000, 4647000,

3. Wema Bank


4. UBA Bank


+234 1 6319822
+234 700 2255 822
+234 1 280 8822

5. Ecobank Nigeria

+234808760 3717 (WhatsApp)

6. Access Bank

+234 1- 2712005-7
+234 1-2802500

7. Union Bank

01 2716816

8. GTBank

+234 700 4826 66328
+234 1 448 0000
+234 802 900 2900
+234 803 900 3900

9. Sterling Bank


10. Diamond Bank

0700 300 0000

11. Stanbic IBTC

0700 333 3333

12. Skye Bank

0700 75932265
0806 988 0000
01 4482 100
01 2705 850

13. FCMB

(+234) 09099999814
(+234) 09099999815

14. First Bank


Alternatively you can contact Western Union directly for inquiries and questions,you can email wucis.customer@westernunion.com or call + 7495 782 98 22.