How To Apply And Register For N-Power : Graduate & Non-Graduate

The N-Power initiative is a Program which is deigned by the
Federal Government of Nigeria to reduce the high level of unemployment among it's graduate and non graduate youths.
The major aim of the N-Power program is to nurture and provide graduates and non-graduates with skills required for entrepreneurship in other to reduce unemployment and poverty.

This article contains all the important information about how graduates and non graduates can register for N-power and other information about N-power that you need to know.

How To Apply And Register For N-Power : Graduate & Non-Graduate

Listed below are some of the important questions and answers about N-power that you need to know.

Q: How Do I Register For N-power?

Registeration for N-power hasn't commenced yet,however detailed information about the prgram can be found on N-Power official portal.

Q: What Are The Steps Involved In Registering For N-Power?

The first step to apply for N-power is to log on to the official N-power portal at,select the specific program that you have interest in,then proceed to start your application online.

Afterwards you wait for selection,names of selected candidates will be short listed on the website.

Q: Where Can I Download N-Power Application Form?

The N-Power application form is available at N-Power official portal,the application form is 
usually made available online when a prospective candidate initiate the application process.

Q: When Will N-Power Registration Commence?

The official date for N-Power registration hasn't been announced yet by the authorities.

Q: What Is N-Power Registration Closing Date?

Registration for N-Power hasn't commenced.

Q: How Can I Access N-Power Portal For Recruitment?

Using any internet enabled device simply log on to

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Q: How To Check N-Power Shortlisted Candidate List?

Normally the details of shortlisted graduates and non graduate candidates will be available on N-Power official portal,prospective candidates can check their status by using their BVN or mobile phone to check the status of their applications.

Usually N-Power authorities will release instructions on how candidate's that applied for the program can check the recruitment list.

Q: What Is N-Power's Basic Recruitment Requirement For Graduate & Non Graduate?

Listed below are some of the basic requirements for recruitment into the N-Power program.

  • (a) Applicants must be citizens of Nigeria by birth and aged between 18 to 35 years to be regarded as a youth.
  • (b) The candidate should express genuine interest in any indicated program that he or she is considering.

  • --
  • (c) Prospective candidate must pass the relevant tests and be willing to push him/herself beyond comfort zone.
  • (d) Candidates must show the ability to develop the skills needed.
  • (e) Graduate candidates are required to possess a minimum of a Higher National Diploma (HND) or a Bachelors Degree from a recognized tertiary institution.
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  • (f) Unemployed graduates or non graduates can alsso apply for N-power programs.
  • (g) Some other skills that will be an added advantage include basic illustration skills for animation and graphic arts,analytical writing skills for script writing, problem solving skills etc.

Q: What Are The Different Types Of N-Power Programs?

N-Power has a couple of program's that a prospective candidate can apply for, they include:-

Graduate Category
  • N-Power Teach
  • N-Power Tax
  • N-Power Build
  • N-Power Knowledge
Non Graduate Category
  • N-Power Volunteer Corp

More Information about these programs can be found on

Q: How Do I Contact N-Power For More Inquiries,Questions And Information?

Send an email to or call 09060000446.