How To Share Data On Airtel

Credit: Airtel

Airtel has one of the highest data users in
Nigeria,majority of Android phone users make use of Airtel data to browse the internet in Nigeria. 

In this post we will show you how you can easily share data on Airtel.
A lot of people enjoy Airtel data gifting on a daily basis,we shall explain to you everything you need to know about sharing data on Airtel. 

How To Share Data On Airtel

Before you begin to make use of Airtel data services there are some facts that you need to know which are that you cannot transfer data from Airtel to 9mobile or other network,it must be from an Airtel line to another Airtel line,you cannot also transfer only 1GB data on Airtel,the least amount of data you can transfer is 10GB.

Airtel's data sharing service is called SmartSHARE. This service enables you the Airtel subscriber to share data among your family and friends that are also on Airtel's network.  
This shared Airtel data can be used on Airtel phones,tablets and laptops. 

You can make use of Airtel's smartSHARE to share data in two ways:-

Me 2 U :-

Me 2 U is the most popular style of sharing of data among Airtel users. 

As an Airtel customer when you buy a data bundle from Airtel you can also decide to send some to your friend from your already purchased data bundle. 

However you can only send data to one friend at a time and the data will be in your friends wallet. 


Gifting involves buying an Airtel data bundle plan from an Airtel user. 

These bundles are just as valid as regular Airtel data plans and includes all the bundles listed on Airtel's list of bundle plans and android bundles. 

How To Activate Airtel's Data Share? 

In other to Activate Airtel's SmartSHARE Data Share services simply follow the steps below: 
  • Dial *141# to start,then follow the prompt. 
You will also need to change the default pin before use,the default pin is 1234. 

How To Share/Activate Airtel Data Via Sms? 

In other to share Airtel data via sms simply follow the steps below: 
  • Send 'SHARE'' via a text message to 121
  • Example: "SHARE'' to 121"

You will get a message from Airtel customer service with further instructions.

To add an Airtel data share benefactor via sms,simple send an sms in the format listed below: 
  • "ADD 12345678900" and send to 121

Airtel's customer service will ask for a confirmation for sharing Airtel Data Code,press (1) one for confirmation.
Afterwards you can now share your Airtel Data Balance with that particular number. 

To delete a number that you previously added folloow the steps below:

Send ''DEL with the number you want to delete via an sms to 121:-
Example: "DEL 12345678912" to 121'
Afterward the number will be removed.

Quick USSD Codes For Making Airtel Data Transfers 

  • (a) USSD Codes For 25 MB Airtel Data Transfer > Dial *141*712*9*Airtel Number#
  • (b) USSD Codes For 10 MB Airtel Data Transfer > Dial *141*712*11*Airtel Number#
  • (c) USSD Codes For 60 MB Airtel Data Transfer > Dial *141*712*4*Airtel Number#
You can only make one transaction per day,to confirm
 your Data Account Balance dial  *141*11*0# or *123*10#.