HSI Glo: All You Need To Know 


Glo HSI Portal is an innovation by Globacom that enables it's
users to have access to improved internet services.

Listed below are some of the information that you should know about HSI Glo portal.

HSI Glo: All You Need To Know

The HSI Glo portal is a self-service portal that gives Glo customers the opportunity to easily manage their Glo Bolt internet subscriptions.


Glo Bolt is an internet service with an aim to provide  evolutionary mobile internet services in Nigeria. This service is only currently available to Glo subscribers and customers in Nigeria.

Functions & Uses Of Glo Hsi

Glo Hsi portal can be accessed when you log on to hsi.glo.com using your mobile phone,laptop or any internet enabled device.

When you log on you will have the ability to manage your Glo Bolt subscription plans,this include being able to gift data,share data,check your subscription status and data consumption,the Glo HSI can be accessed by  all Glo Subscribers.

iPad users can also check their current subscription balance on the Glo HSI portal.