Olamide Current Houses & Cars This Year

Olamide's Cars
Credit: IG

Olamide is rated as one the top artists in Nigeria,the
ingenious rapper has worked his way up to become one of the best rappers in Nigeria.
The award winning rapper whose real name is Olamide has a lot of lucrative endorsements under his belt,he is also a brand ambassador and owner of the YBNL music label.

As one of the top artist in Nigeria,he is also one of the richest artist in Nigeria,he drives foreign cars and has some nice cribs too.

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In this post we are going to take a look at the current houses and cars of Olamide this year.

Olamide Current Houses & Cars

Olamide floats a record label which he makes money from,apart from that he hosts different shows in the UK,America and some other European cities 
accompanied with his numerous shows in Nigeria,all these gigs give Olamide a lot of money on a regular basis.

Badoo is rumored to be charging betwen N2 million to N4 million per show for bookings and performances in Nigeria.

Olamide Current Houses?

The rapper is one of the rich Nigerian celebrity that has managed to keep his investments and material possessions out of the prying eyes of his fans and public. 

He even refused to answer direct questions when asked about his material possessions.

Nevertheless we are still able to uncover some of the rappers investments.

Olamide is speculated to own a duplex that is worth up to 40 million Naira in Lekki ara of lagos,according to sources he also has another building in Bariga, the part of Lagos he grew up in.  

Olamide Current Cars This Year?

Olamide doesn't seem to be a lover of cars,and he seems to be reluctant to splash some of his hard earned money of foreign cars like Bentleys and Ferrari,nevertheless listed below are some of the cars Olamide’s in Olamide’s garage.

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Olamide is speculated to have some of the following cars:-
  • Honda 2012 Model > 4 Million
  • Toyota Venza > N6 Million
  • Range Rover > 15 Million
  • Mercedes G-Wagon > N25 Million