Top 10 Best Nigerian Foods


Nigeria is the most populated black nation on earth with over
two hundred and fifty ethnic groups.
As expected there are a lot of different kinds of foods in Nigeria. 

In this post we are going to quickly take a look at some of the top 10 best popular and classic Nigerian foods. 

Most often Nigerians find it difficult to eat foods that are not typical Nigerian foods,a lot of Nigerians has formed the habit of travelling to foreign countries with local ingredients in other to still be able to cook their local traditional meals. 
We have gotten several reports from Nigerians in diaspora that keep on yearning to the eat their favourite Nigerian dishes,but most often they are left with the choice of eating a poorly prepared Nigerian meal or returning home to Nigeria to enjoy some of their favourite food. 

There are over 100 different foods in Nigeria,some of them include:- yam and beans porridge,afang soup,unripe plantain porridge,cocoa yam with palm oil,boiled yam And vegetables sauce,roasted plantain with pepper sauce,ogbono soup etc. 

However we are going to take a look at the top 10 best classic and popular Nigerian food that millions of Nigerians all over the world crave for on a daily basis. 
Now,lets check them out! 

Top 10 Best & Popular Nigerian Foods

1. Nigerian Jellof Rice

Nigerian jellof rice is one of the tastiest Nigerian meal when properly prepared the Nigerian way.

Over the years on social media,the dish has been in competition with other jellof rice from other African countries,the Nigerian jellof has won the title of the best jellof rice a couple of times. 

A typical well prepared Nigerian Jollof rice is always served at different ceremonies and events in Nigeria. 
The Nigerian jellof rice is a classic Nigerian food that is eaten with chicken or stock fish,any Nigerian or anyone affiliated to Nigeria can attest to this fact. 

2. African Salad (Abacha + Ugba)

The African salad popularly called 'Abacha' in Nigeria is a classic meal that is enjoyed by Nigerians all around the world. 

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This meal originated from the south eastern part of Nigeria which is inhabited by one of the major tribes in Nigeria,the Igbo's. 

The meal can be eaten with ugba,garden egg and soft drinks. 

3. Egusi Soup

The Egusi soup which is also known as melon soup is one of the most popular dishes that is enjoyed by Nigerians all around the world. 

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The soup which is consumed by Nigerians all around the world can be eaten with garri,fufu or pounded yam. 

4. Suya

Anyone who has ever been to Nigeria must have enjoyed Suya during their stay. 
Suya is actually a barbecued meat,which is also known as kebab.

Suya is a very popular Nigerian delicacy that is usually consumed with suya Spice,onions and served wrapped in an old newspaper.
Suya is mainly prepared and sold by the road side by Aboki or Mallams which are usually from the Hausa ethnic stock that live in Northern Nigeria.

5. Nkwobi

Nkwobi is a meal that is enjoyed by Nigerians everyday. The meal which originated from the eastern part of the country by the Igbo's is a spicy meal made from cow leg and kpomo. 

The meal is usually prepared using cow foot,palm oil, akanwu,ground Ehu seeds,utazi leaves etc.

This food is one of the most favorite popular Nigerian food that is usually craved for by many Nigerians in diaspora.

6. Pepper Soup

Any person that doesn't know about Nigerian pepper soup is definitely not a Nigerian. 
The pepper soup is a very spicy and pepperish drinking soup with an array of different assorted meat and fish. 

The soup is usually prepared and scented using leaves of uziza.
The soup can also be garnished with chunks of boiled yam or plantain. 

7. Ofada Rice

Ofada rice is a locally produced rice in Nigeria. 
The ofada rice is different from the imported foreign rice from different countries of the world. 

The Ofada rice is one of the favorite and best food that is enjoyed by Nigerians everyday. 

8. Tuwo Sinkafa

The Tuwo Shinkafa is one of the most popular and best foods in Nigeria.
The food is consumed mainly in the Northern part of Nigeria. 

The meal is made from soft rice,it is then consumed using a spicy sauce. 

Some of the ingredients used in preparing this food include pumpkin,assorted meat, smoked fish,dawadawa,raw groundnut,habanero pepper,yakuwa leaves,tomatoes,onion,seasoning cube etc. 

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9. Amala & Ewedu Soup

The Amala and Ewedu soup is a classic food that is enjoyed by millions of Nigerians on a daily basis. The food is a favorite of the Yoruba people. 
This food is one of the most popular favorite Nigerian food of all time.

10. Edikaikong

Holding down the last and coveted 10th spot of the most popular and best Nigerian foods of all time is the Edikaikong. 

The Edikaikong is basically a vegetable soup from Cross River region of Nigeria. The food is also garnished with meats,fish and periwinkles.

The food is usually served alongside pounded yam,fufu or garri. 
This soup is also ranked as one of the most favorite Nigerian food of all time.