Who Is The Richest Musician In Nigeria

The Nigerian music industry has come a very long
way,currently Nigerian musicians drive some of the most expensive foreign exotic cars and live in enviable mansions.

This wasn't the case scenario some years back when the industry was at it's infant stage,now the reverse is the case. 

As a music loving Nigerian or as a fan of Nigerian music,there is always an innate desire to know who is the richest musician in Nigeria today?

In this article we will check out the facts,profile and net worth of the richest musician in Nigeria today with reference to forbes magazine.

Who Is The Richest Musician In Nigeria

Nigerian musicians are now highly rated overseas,they sell out international arenas,bag sponsorships and endorsements and go on worldwide tours. All this results to a steady flow of revenue.

There are many top rich musicians in Nigeria but we are going to profile the facts about the richest among them.

Now to answer the million dollar question which is who is the richest musician in Nigeria?

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The richest musician in Nigeria today is no one other than Don Jazzy.

Don Jazzy as he is popularly known by his fans was born Michael Collins Ajereh in Lagos State, Nigeria. Don Baba J is an experienced Pop, R&B and Afro pop music producer and also a singer,songwriter and entrepreneur.


He has been in the music industry since 2002 back then when he and D'Banj were in Mo'Hits Records. In 2012 he founded Mavin Records.

Don Jazzy was educated in Lagos state he attended Federal Government College Lagos,afterwards he studied business management studies at the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo state.
He was invited to the UK by his uncle where he worked  as a security guard before meeting Solek,JJC, Kas, The 419 Squad and eventually D'Banj.

When he returned back t Nigeria he partnered with D'Banj and formed Mo' Hits Records.

Apart from working with so many Nigerian musicians,he has also worked with Internationally recognized musicians such as Kanye West ,Jay-Z, Beyoncé etc.

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Some of his awards include Nigerian Music Awards (2006) Producer of the Year,Nigerian Entertainment Awards (2007) Music Producer of the Year,The Headies (2011 & 2014) Producer of the Year and City People Entertainment Award in 2015.
Some of his endorsements include a deal with Loya milk which is estimated to cost about 40 million Naira. Others include МТN worth 40 million Naira,Samsung brand ambassador worth 110 million Naira,Konga deal worth 15 million Naira etc.

Some of Don Jazzy's cars and their worth in naira include a Porsche Carrera (N32 million),Bentley Continental (N70 million) ,Cadillac Escalade (N 26 million) ,Range Rover Sports (N23 million).

His house is estimated to have a net worth of over 160 million Naira. According to Forbes Africa he is the 4th richest musician in Africa.

Don Jazzy's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million dollars with is approximately N 7.2 Billion Naira.