Official List Of All Courses Offered In ADSU: Adamawa State University 


The Adamawa State University is a tertiary institution in Nigeria.

This post contain the list of all the courses offered in ADSU (Adamawa State University) for undergraduate studies and the number of years each course is expected to last.
Adamawa State University which is also called ADSU is a state university that was established in January 2002.

The school is owned by the state government of Adamawa. ADSU is located in Mubi town, in the Northern Senatorial District of Adamawa State,Nigeria.

The university prides it's self as being the first State Government owned University in the North East sub-region of Nigeria.

The tertiary institution has the ability to admit up to 5,000 students each session.
There are 3 faculties in the university,17 courses and 14 academic departments.

Official List Of All Courses Offered In ADSU

ADSU Faculties

  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Science and Science Education

ADSU Courses + Years Of Study


  • Agricultural Economics & Extension (5 years)
  • Animal Production ( 5 years)
  • Crop Science (5 years)
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture (5 years)
  • Botany ( 4 years)
  • --
  • Zoology (4 years)
  • Chemistry (4 years)
  • Physics (4 years)
  • Geography (4 years)
  • Mathematics (4 years)
  • Computer Science
  • Science Education (4 years)
  • Accountancy (4 years)

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  • Business Administration (4 years)
  • Economics (4 years)
  • Public Administration and political Science (4 years)
  • Public Admin & Political Science (4 years)