Bobrisky Current Net Worth News & Latest Update


Bobrisky became popular in Nigeria after becoming controversial on social media.

The Internet and social media personality whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju is followed by thousands of people on snapchat.
In this post we shall quickly take a look at the current net worth of Bobrisky and some other top 20 quick facts about the celebrity that you probably didn't know.

Bobrisky Current Net Worth

Q: Bobrisky Quick Facts?

  • 1. Bobrisky is a Nigerian man that usually dress up as a woman,most Nigerians find this provocative,Bobrisky has now cashed in on this fact and is now famous.
  • 2. His rise to fame came when he started posting short video clips on his snapchat account which is a social media application.Apart from this,he also went viral when an aide to President Muhammadu Buhari pulled out of appearing with him on a social media panel in Abuja.
  • 3. Bobrisky's real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju,he was born in 1992.
  • 4. Idris studied at the University of Lagos fondly called UNILAG.His secondary school education was at King’s College in Lagos State.
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  • 5. He is actually a controversial character,different people react differently at the sight of Bobrisky. He is often invited to high profile events hosted by celebrities and also invited to give a speech at events.
  • 6. Bobrisky who refers to himself as a Nigerian male barbie doll first was once dark skinned,but now is very light skinned,he is also a bleaching cream entrepreneur. According to a source,he sells his bleaching cream (skin-whitening creams) up to N100,000 one hundred thousand Naira.

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  • 7. He has this habit of always writing back to his 'haters' according to Bobrisky,his haters are always trying to pull him down but they wont succeed.
  • 8. The snapchat celebrity also has a way of keeping his fans entertained by saying that he has a secret lover which he calls 'bae' that spends millions on him,he also shows wands of cash on his snapchat account.
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  • 9. According to him,the man gave him a Benz,a house,and also helped him furnish his shop.
  • 10. He revealed that he was born at Ebute-Metta, Lagos into a Muslim family. He lost his mother back in 2008 and his father is a retired transporter.
  • His father is a polygamist that married three wives,Bobrisky's mum was the last wife with three children including Bobrisky. His mom later separated from his father,Bobrisky lived with his muslim mother until she passed away.
  • 11. He has also featured in a Nollywood movie starring alongside Toyin Afolayan and Tayo Sobola in the movie titled 'Ojuloge'.

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  • 12. Bobrisky has had a couple of social media beef with some other famous Nigerians including designer Toyin Lawani,Tunde Ednut,Denrele etc.
  • 13. Bobrisky was Google’s most searched individual from October 26 to November 2016,he has also been recognized internationally.
  • 14. Controversy is actually one of Bobrisky’s tools to fame,in a recent chat with one of the top Nigerian newspapers he said that he was a muslim,and he has a girlfriend in London an also that he will reveal his secret on his wedding day.
  • 15. Bobrisky revealed that he learnt business tactics from his late mom that sold lace and other textile fabrics in Lagos Island and his mom died when she travelled for Hajj.He sold clothes to his friends and hostel mates when he was an undergraduate but didn't make much money,that was when he decided to look for another plan to make money,become famous and controversial,that was when he decided to make up and dress like a woman since he was already selling women cosmetics and clothes,that stunt instantly made him to start becoming popular.

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  • 16. Bobrisky has a shop in Lekki Phase One, and on the mainland where he sells his cosmetics products.
  • 17. He coined the name 'Bobrisky' when people started calling him 'Bobo',then other people started saying that the idea that he was wearing a woman's cloth was 'risky' ,hence he coined the name 'Bobrisky'.
  • 18. According to him 'Bobrisky is a character and that made up and that he is not a girl. He further revealed that when he is at home he is Idris but when he leaving his compound,then he becomes the beautiful Queen Bobrisky.
  • 19. Idris has also revealed that he will shock the world when he throws a lavish wedding to his wife.
  • 20. Bobrisky also revealed that he has famous people as clients including wives of top politicians and celebrities as friends.

Q: Bobrisky Current Net Worth?

According to Hotvibes Media,Bobrisky has a house in Lekki and two shops,currently he is estimated to have an net worth of 72 million Naira ($200,000 USD).