Denilson Igwe Net Worth News & Latest Update


Denilson Igwe became popular after he began shooting short comedy clips with his friend Mark Angel.

Earlier when they started,the comedian never envisaged that their comedy skits on YouTube will be able to receive millions of views within weeks.
This post contain details about the net worth and biography of comedian Denilson Igwe.

Denilson Igwe Net Worth + Biography


Denilson Igwe was born in the eastern part of Nigeria,an area inhabited mostly by the Igbo ethnic group.

The comedian grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State which is located in the southern part of Nigeria.

Denison Igwe met with his friend Mark Angel in 2012 afterwards they decided to a start a comedy media company. The idea was Mark Angel’s,that's probably the reason why the name of their comedy company is called Mark Angel Comedy.

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The company release weekly comedy skit which is published every friday on YouTube and also on the company's official blog.

For his role in mark angel comedy he has received a couple of awards alongside Emmanuella who is the most popular star in their company.

The Mark Angel Comedy currently has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube,over 500k followers on Instagram and Facebook while the company's official blog receives thousands of daily visitors.
Apart from their company's weekly friday skits,Denilson Igwe is also an MC (Master of Ceremony),he also get paid for hosting different events and shows.

 In 2016, Denilson Igwe bought a new car which he posted on social media whilst receiving congratulatory mesages from his fans and friends.

Net Worth

Mark Angel Comedy's YouTube Channel which is called ''Mark Angel Comedy'' generates over $20,000 monthly  plus the revenue generated by their blog and other endorsement deals.

According to Hotvibes Media,Denilson Igwe has an estimated net worth which is pegged at N20 - N25 Million Naira.