Emmanuella Samuel Net Worth News & Latest Update

Emmanuella Samuel fondly called 'Emmanuella' by her
teeming fan has become very popular. Her videos are watched by millions of people,her YouTube channel has amassed over 1 million subscribers. 
In this post we shall take a look at some the quick facts abut the child comedian such as her net worth,profile,comedy,YouTube,net worth,her parents and more.

Emmanuella Samuel Net Worth


A quick look at Emmanuella’s profile shows that she is one of the top comedians in Nigeria. Emmanuella is seven years old and was discovered by her uncle Mark Angel. 

Although she is still a child,she has won a lot of awards and has generated allot of buzz,a feat that most adult comedians in the industry are yet to achieve. 

According to sources,Emmanuella was born on 22nd of July 2010 In  Port Harcourt. 
Emmanuella hails from Imo State,her break through came after she released a viral skit which was shot by her uncle Mark Angel titled 'This is Not My Real Face Oh''. 

Afterwards she has continued to release funny short video clips that are viewed around the world. 

Some of the awards that she has won include NEA Award,City People Award, Niger Delta Special Talent Award and international awards such as the Princess of Comedy in Australia,Prominent Kid Comedienne (Australia). 

The seven year old was hosted by CNN in November 2016. Emmanuella is Mark Angel’s niece,she has lived with Mark Angel ever since she was born. 


Emmanuella's YouTube videos generate millions of views within days. 
The videos are shot by her uncle and producer named Mark Angel. 

Image Source: Mark Angel Via Instagram

Emmanuella’s new YouTube episode videos are released every week. She has over 1 million subscribers in Nigeria,her YouTube channel has the highest number of subscribers in Nigeria. 

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A lot of people wonder who Emmanuella’s real parents are,but according to sources her real parents are comfortable with their anonymous status,according to reports online 
Emmanuella’s parents names are James Samuel and Cynthia Samuel. 

Emmanuella has been living with Mark Angel since she was born and her parents are comfortable with this. 

Net Worth

The young comedian is the talent and star of the Mark Angel Comedy,she has bagged a lot of endorsements over the years,currently Emmanuella is estimated to have a net worth of abut N80 - N100 million Naira,she is also ranked among the top richest teenagers in Nigeria. 


Emmanuella is a comedian,an occupation that she seems to have a natural talent for,the young comedian work under her uncle Mark Angel who oversees the production and release of her weekly comedy videos.

Perhaps with time and as she gets older, she might decide to start her own company and further her comedy career.