First Bank Logo Meaning & Description

Image Credit: First Bank

In this article we shall take a look at first bank Nigeria logo,it's meaning and description.

First Bank

First Bank is one of the largest and best multinational banks in Nigeria.

First bank was founded in 1894,back then it was called Bank of British West Africa.

In 1979,the bank was renamed to First Bank of Nigeria. 

First bank is headquartered in Lagos State, Nigeria,and has more than 790 branches.
First bank has more than 10 million customers and employs over 7,000 active staff.
The bank offer banking services in commercial banking,retail banking,corporate banking and public sector banking.

First Bank Logo Meaning & Description

1. The African Elephant

The African Elephant is the official logo of First Bank Plc,the African elephant is an animal that is respected because of it's might and strength.

2. The Raised Head Of The Elephant

The raised head of the elephant in First Bank's logo signifies the banks commitment and promise of First Bank to their customers on every financial challenge they face, they can face the challenges with their head held high.

3. Deep Blue Colour

The deep blue color on First Bank's logo represents momentum,innovation and evolution. 

These principles ensure that the bank continue to develop solutions that are at the heart of all their challenges.

4. The Raised Foot Of The Elephant

The raised foot of the elephant signifies First Bank's promise to always put their best foot forward for each and every one of their customers.

5. Gold Color On The Logo

The gold color on the logo identifies with value and serves as a reminder of the inherent value and durability of First Bank as gold is a precious metal. 

This also is a promise made by the bank to continue to set the gold standard of value and excellence in financial solutions across Sub Saharan African region.