Hushpuppi Current Net Worth News & Latest Update


Hushpuppi Igbalodely aka Aja Puppi aka Aja 4 became famous and well known in Nigeria because of his luxury lifestyle.

He has come out to say that he is the billionaire gucci master and a luxury lifestyle Influencer.

Not much is known about Hushpuppi’s source of wealth,however the fact still remains that he usually show off wealth on social media and he has millions of followers.

In this post we shall try to estimate the current net worth of Hushpuppi and reveal some facts about him that you probably never knew.

Hushpuppi Net Worth

Quick Facts

Hushpuppi started to draw attention to himself when he started posting pictures of designer items including gucci shoes and other designer brands on his Instagram account.

After that he began to create beef with some Nigerian celebrities such as Phyno,Kcee,Iceprince and Davido. A move that payed off because he started trending.

The beef between Hushpuppi,Ice Prince,Phyno started when Hushpuppi called out Phyno and Ice Prince for wearing fake Patek wristwatches,he went further to advise the musicians that they should not complain when people pirate their music if they can comfortably patronise and wear fake Patek wrist watches.

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They responded by saying that Hushpuppi has no credible source of wealth and spends his money on designer clothes.

Another drama ensued when Hushpuppi called out Afro pop super star Davido for not being able to pay for drinks at Quilox and was claiming that his bank was not available.
He reportedly spent N11.5m in Quilox all in he bid to show Davido that was richer than him. He went ahead to tell Shina Peller not to give credit to anyone.

Davido reponded by telling Hushpuppi off and advised him to use the money he spends to build a house and stop looking for media attention from celebrities.

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Hushpuppi's real name is Raymond Igbalodely,word on the street is that he is from one of the south south yoruba states meaning that he is from the Yoruba tribe and was born June 14.

He usually posts pictures of himself in exotic locations waring designer outfits with a motivational caption. He is always quick to disclose that he was once poor and back then no one gave him attention,but now celebrities sing with his name.

The Gucci lover also trended when he was called out by his friend Mompha for betraying him. According to Mompha ,Hushpuppi is broke and has a habit of posing with designer items bought by other people at the mall which includes foreign cars that he posts on Instagram.

Mompha also went ahead to say that Hushpuppi’s father is a taxi driver and his mother, a bread seller back in Nigeria while their son is living the lavish lifestyle in Malaysia and Dubai.
All this accusations and insinuations hasn't stopped Hushpuppi from still serving his fans designer goals.

Mompha on the other hand was berated by Hushpuppi's fans,according to them,Mompha was not a good friend and also wanted to share a part of the media attention that Hushpuppi was getting.

Hushpuppi’s also has the habit of drinking exotic drinks and has been spotted driving and taking pictures with with foreign cars.

Huspuppi's favorite cars include Bentley,Rolls Royce Phantom, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Hushpuppi has no facebook or Twitter account,his Instagram handle is @hushpuppi while his snapchat account is @hushpuppi5.

Hushpuppi Net Worth

Hushpuppi’s net worth cant be actually estimated because he literally spend his money on luxurious designer items,but it's most likely that he has some luxury cars which include a Range Rover autobiography.

According to Hotvibes Media,Hushpuppi has an estimated net worth of N1 Billion Naira.