Friday, 21 May 2021

Dangote's Wife : Quick Facts You Should Know 

There is always a price for money and fame,most often
successful people find it difficult to find true love and end up marrying and divorcing multiple times.

This is the current case scenario of the richest black man in Nigeria, Africa and the whole world.
This post contains all the quick fact about the wives of Dangote,his current wife and all other facts that you should know about his marital status. 

Dangote's Wife : Quick Facts You Should Know
  • 1. Dangote has been married three times and three times his marriages has ended in divorce.
  • 2. Dangote has kept his relationship private,there is no  much information about his love and private life as he keeps a low profile on issues concerning him and his family. 
  • 3. Dangote fell in love with one woman when he was younger,her name is Nafisat Yar’adua,she is the daughter of the late president of Nigeria Umaru Musa Yar’adua and the former governor of Kastina State.
  • 4. Nafisat refused to marry Dangote,stating that her reason was because she and Dangote’s daughter were friends. Nafisat later got married to Alhaji Isa Yuguda who was the governor of Bauchi State. Nafisat became his 4th wife,she got married at the age of 21.
  • 5. Dangote's first wife's name is Mariya A.D. Muhammad Rufai. She was the daughter of the former Commissioner for Women Affairs and Human Services in Bauchi State,the marriage ended in divorce. He has gone ahead to marry two other times and it all ended in divorce. 
  • 6. Dangote was rumoured to be having an affair with Sylvia Nduka,who is an ex-beauty queen. There is also a
  •  rumor that the two got married secretly at a point.
  • 7. There is possibly a strong indication that Dangote is currently not married. 
  • 8. Dangote on July 2018 made a revelation that he is willing to take a new wife and due to his busy schedule he has not been able to have time for relationships,meaning that he currently doesn't have a wife. He also stated that he receives over 100 calls a day. 

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  • 9. He has three daughters from his other divorced marriages. One of his daughters Fatima Dangote got married to Jamil Abubakar at Eko Hotel and Suites. Dignitaries like former richest man in the world Bill Gates was in attendance. 

Let's just hope that the richest black man in the world will soon be able to find true love and marry once again. 

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