How To Advertise And Pay For Google Adwords In Nigeria


Do you want to advertise your goods and services on Google Adwords from Nigeria?

Google Adwords is literally the best advertisement platform in Nigeria,the service will give you value for your money. 

I have tried advertising on different platforms and I can comfortably tell you that Google adwords is one of the best with a good conversion rate.

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform that was developed by Google to enable advertisers to pay and display adverts to millions of people everyday.
In this article I will show you how to pay and advertise on Google AdWords from Nigeria.

How To Advertise And Pay For Google Adwords

Actually it's easy for you to pay and advertise your goods and services on Google,you don't need to hire any professional to be able to use the service,all the tools and information that you will need to smoothly run your advert is already made available by Google.

Q: How To Advertise On Google AdWords?

If you want to advertise on Google Adwords,basically all you have to do is to to sign in with 
your Gmail email address or create one to get started.

Q: What Do I Use To Pay For Google AdWords In Nigeria?

Generally you can pay for your Google AdWords using your Naira or dollar master card issued to you by your local Nigerian commercial bank.

However Nigerian advertisers has confirmed that GTBANK Naira denominated master card,Zenith Visa Prepaid card and UBA Africard can be used to pay for Google advert in Nigeria.

Q: Cost Of Google Ads In Nigeria?

The cost of Google Ads In Nigeria is variable and depend on some factors such as the type of Ad type,size,audience,search etc.

Q: How Do I Pay For Google Ads In Nigeria?

  • Step 1 > Log in to Google Adwords with your Gmail email address
  • Step 2 > Click on the "Billing" tab

  • --
  • Step 3 > Set the ''how you pay'' settings to ''Manual payments''
  • Step 4 >  Click on ''Make a Payment'' button
  • Step 5 > Select ''Credit card'' as your preferred form of payment
  • Step 6 > Enter your card details,make sure that all the details you type in correspond for example you must type in the same address,name and details that you used when you were applying for the card at your local Nigerian commercial bank.
  • Step 7 > Confirm and type the amount you want to pay
  • Step 8 >  Click on the review payment button,afterwards click on the ''Make payment'' button.
  • Step 9 > You will receive a confirmation from Google if the transaction was successful.

  • --
  • Step 10 > If the transaction was successful,your payment will reflect in your Adwords account balance,afterwards you can go ahead and create your ads,the money in your Adwords account will be deducted gradually as you begin to run your ads on the network.
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Listed above are the ten quick steps that you can use to create your own advert on Google Adwords platform.


  1. HI good day. thanks for this article. However i tried to set up my payment method under billing and it says users from Nigeria can only pay via monthly invoicing. I will like to know if there is something i am missing... thanks in advance

  2. Thanks for this post. It's truly informative.


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