How To Buy Apps From Play Store Using Debit Card In Nigeria


Google Play Store is home to thousands of Android mobile applications. 

In this tutorial I will show you easy steps on how you can easily buy apps from Google playstore using your Naira mastercard in Nigeria.

When you access Play store you will find out that most apps on the platform are free while some are not,if you want to purchase an app from play store and your always faced with error messages such as ''Invalid Credit Card Number,Error cant complete the transaction,Transaction declined invalid payment method,incorrect card info or try a different card'', then all you have to do is to follow the steps listed on this tutorial to learn how to buy some of your favourite apps for your android devices without glitches in Nigeria.

How To Buy Apps From Playstore Using Debit Card In Nigeria

Nigerian Banks has stopped some online transactions that Nigerians use to purchase in Google Play Store,the Dynamic Currency Conversion which Google was using to charge 

Nigerians for app purchases and subscriptions is somehow not compatible with some Nigerian banks.

If you are getting an error message when your trying to buy an app from Nigeria simply follow the steps below:-

  • Step 1 > Get an Internet enabled laptop,create a new Google account
  • Step 2 > Log into your new Google account.
  • Step 3 > Change your payment currency from Naira NGN to US dollars USD.
  • Step 4 > To change your billing currency log in to Google Payments using your Google Play Store email account.
  • Step 5 > Click on Settings,then click on the pencil like icon near country to edit.
  • Step 6 > Create a new payment profile,go ahead and click on the ''Create new profile'' link afterwards click on ''Continue''.

  • --
  • Step 7 > Chose and fill in a new payment profile,it's advisable that you read Google’s policy on changing your home address as this can affect some features. However In other for you to be able to buy an app from Nigeria,you should chose the United States when you want to fill in 'country' so that you will be billed in dollars,afterwards click on ''continue''.
  • Step 8 > Fill in all the necessary details in your payment profile,then when you're done,click on 'Save'.
  • Step 9 > Clear your cache,on your internet enabled android device go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store then Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • Step 10 > Sign in to Google Play Store app,you may be prompted to sign in again.
  • Step 11 > Sign in to Google Play Store and click on "Payment Methods" on the left of the screen,add your card as payment method,make sure that you fill in correctly all the Nigerian information about your Naira or Dollar Mastercard which includes your Nigerian address and other details.
  • --
  • Step 12 > Afterwards go back to the app you want to buy,you will automatically be billed in United States dollars and not in Naira and hence the transaction should be successful. If your using a Naira mastercard the Naira equivalent of the app you bought in dollars will be deducted from your Naira bank account.
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You should also note that Google Play is expected to be showing the price of the apps in dollars after you have changed your country,if after following the steps above and you are still not able to buy the app,go back and make sure that you followed all the steps listed above,don't forget to properly clear the cache on your android phone.