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Sani Abacha was a dictator when he ruled Nigeria
during the military dispensation.

he is ranked where other African looters such as Mobutu Sese Seko who was one of Africa’s ruthless looter.

African leaders and government officials have a habit of embezzling public funds and putting the money in foreign accounts. 
According to sources Abacha's stole money through different sources which include travelers check or wire transfers to Europe,American or Swiss accounts on the false pretense that the money was necessary for Nigeria's national security. 

Abacha's daughter Gamsu Abacha,took to social media to say that  "no matter how poor they are,they will never be as poor as Dangote".

Lets take a look at the estimated net worth of Late Sani Abacha and some quick facts about the soldier that you never knew. 

Abacha Net Worth

Q: Sani Abacha Quick Facts? 

  • Sani Abacha was a Nigerian army General and politician,he was born in 1943,he died in 1998,at the time of his death he was 54 years old. Sani served as the President of Nigeria from 1993 to 1998 and was the 10th Head of State of Nigeria.
  • Abacha was born in Kano which is a state in the  Northern Region of Nigeria,he was married to Maryam Abacha. Sani had 10 children. 
  • He had his early education in Kano and belonged to the Kanuri ethnic stock from Borno,he attended the Nigerian 
  • Military Training College Kaduna and Mons Officer Cadet School Aldershot, England,he was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in 1963.
  • Abacha played a part in most of the military take over in Nigeria's history,as a matter of fact he is the most successful plotter in the history of the Nigerian military starting from when he was a 2nd Lieutenant with the 3rd Battalion in Kaduna.
  • Abacha was also the Chief of Army Staff and was appointed the Minister of Defence in 1990,three years later he became the first Nigerian soldier to attain the rank of a full General without skipping a single rank,this was in 1993. 
  • He took over power from Chief Ernest Shonekan in September 1994 and gave himself absolute power. He had the power to detain anyone without trial.
  • Although He was a dictator,there was an increase in Nigeria's economy during his reign.
  • Abacha's reign also experienced different human rights abuses,he jailed MKO Abiola and Olusegun Obasanjo for treason,Wole Soyinka the nobel laureate was also 
  • charged in absentia with treason. He however helped to restore democracy in other countries by sending Nigerian troops to Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • Nigerian president during a service marking the 10th year anniversary of Sani Abacha praised him and said that claims that Abacha looted the country are baseless accusations.
  • Sani Abacha died in June 1998 at the presidential villa in Abuja,according to reports he was in the company of two indian women from Dubai UAE earlier before he died of heart attack.

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Q: Sani Abacha Current Net Worth?

If Sani Abacha was still alive,he would have an estimated net worth of $10 billion USD,he would be among some of the richest men in Nigeria and Africa like some of his other retired Nigerian military head of state and colleagues.