Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photo Ideas In Nigeria

Pre wedding photos is now very common among young
Nigerian couples that are planning to get married. 

They usually announce their wedding plans on social media by posting pre-wedding photos on their different social media accounts. 

So if you may ask,what is pre-wedding photo and what is it all about? 
Pre wedding photo is basically the act whereby couples take eye catching pictures of themselves especially after engagement and before the actual wedding ceremony. 

In this article we shall take a look at some of the top 10 pre wedding photo concept in Nigeria this year.

Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photo Ideas In Nigeria 

1. Ankara Concept

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade,if you haven't then you should have noticed the Ankara trend among Nigerians and Africans. 

If you are planning to take a pre-wedding photo you should consider you and your partner taking pictures rocking matching Ankara inspired outfits. 

2. Old School Concept

A retro throw back outfit might give you and your partner the perfect look for your pre-wedding photo.
Dressing up in old school outfit for your photo is an idea you should consider. 

3. Outdoor Concept

The outdoor concept is basically the act of taking pictures outside,maybe the park or somewhere cozy,this concept is one of the most popular concepts for taking pre-wedding photos among Nigerians. 

4. Studio Concept

This concept is as old as time it's self,since the discovery of photography,people walk into studios to take pictures of themselves. 

Most often couples planning to wed prefer to walk into a studio to take their pre-wedding photo,a lot of people think
this is the most comfortable way they can take pictures of themselves for their wedding because they just cant deal with the staring eyes of people while taking pre-wedding photos outdoor.

5. Military Concept

This style is common among military officers and soldiers in the Nigerian military. 

Basically it entails the couple rocking matching military outfits and performing one military drill like push ups or just striking a pose,just for the records,you must not be in the military to be able to pull off a military pre-wedding photo concept.   

6. Home Setting

How about taking pre-wedding pictures siting on the couch of your sitting room or in your house. 
Most often couples feel more relaxed taking pictures at home,and most often the pictures com out great because the couple are much more relaxed at home. 

7. Hobbies Concept

This concept entails soon to be married couples to engage in their hobbies such as playing a guitar or painting or drawing a portrait of your spouse. 

8. Sea Concept

This concept  basically entails couples taking pictures by the sea or holding hands and walking by the beach 
side,fishing,picnic or dressing up like sailors and taking pictures in a Yatch. 

9. Café Concept

Another trendy concept is to take pictures at the cafe or a relaxation spot,some couples take pre-wedding pictures in café where they met their partner.  

10. Rural/Traditional Concept

Imagine taking your pre-wedding picture in your village or a rural location while dressed up in your local traditional attire,sounds cool right? 

This is one of the concepts that you should consider adopting. 

Listed above are some of the trending and most popular pre wedding photo concept that is popular among young Nigerian couples that are planning to get married soon.