Federal Fire Service Salary Structure (FFS) Salary Structure & Allowances


In this post we are quickly going to reveal how much
officers of the Federal Fire Service receive on a monthly basis. 

The Federal Fire Service was founded in 1901,back then it was established by the British colonial government within the Lagos Police Service with the aim of preventing fire outbreaks in the Government Reserved Areas of Lagos Colony. 
After the Nigerian independence,the Lagos Police Fire Brigade became Federal Fire Service by an Act of Parliament in 1963 which is known today as the Fire Service Act of 1963. 

According to the Federal Fire Service,it's primary aim is to ensure safety of lives and property by extinguishing, control and prevention of fire outbreak through regulation,training,enforcement,public enlightenment programmes and impact reduction during emergencies through adequate preparedness.

The Federal Fire Service is listed among other paramilitary organization which is under the Supervision of the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Interior in Nigeria. 

The head of the Federal Fire Service is the Controller-General. 
Some of the officer ranks in the Nigerian Federal Fire Service include:- 
  • Assistant Superintendent of Fire I (ASF I) ,Senior Inspector of Fire (SIF)
  • Inspector of Fire (IF)
  • Assistant Inspector of Fire (AIF)
  • Fire Assistant II (FA II)
  • Fire Assistant III (FA III) etc.

Federal Fire Service Salary Structure (FFS) 

Q: Federal Fire Service Salary Structure & Allowances?

Newly recruited fire service officers earn lower than other high ranking officers,however the amount of money earned by is expected to increase with promotion and experience.

The current estimated salary earned by graduate fire service officers is between ₦ 49,999 - ₦ 120,000 per month (After Tax)* excluding allowances.

Fire service graduate officers earn between ₦ 100,000 - ₦ 120,000 while non-graduate officers (O level) earn between ₦ 49,999 - ₦ 69,999 per month.
High ranking fire service officers earn up to ₦ 400,000 per month. 

The Nigerian Federal Fire Service is considered as one of the para-millitary forces in Nigeria and hence it's officers as paid using the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS).


  • The current minimum wage in Nigeria,applicable from 2011 is ₦18,000 per month,exclusive of all 
  • deductions,however there is a plan to increase the minimum wage paid to civil servants in Nigeria.
  • The Federal Fire Service officers are usually entitled to several allowances,gratuity and pension from the Federal Government of Nigeria.    
  • The information on this page is subject to change,figures stated here are only estimates and not 100% accurate.
  • Figures stated here represent net total amount with tax deductions.