How To Check The Current Price Of Gold Per Gram In Nigeria

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Gold is one of the precious metals in the world,it is also
used throughout the world as money,people also use Gold to store wealth.

Nigerians acquire gold accessories and jewelry for business purposes by selling to people,while others wear gold accessories and jewelry as a fashion statement and show of class. 
This article will show you how you can check the current price of Gold per gram in Nigeria,how to buy original gold jewelry,how to take care of your gold jewelry and every other important facts about Gold in Nigeria. 

How To Check The Current Price Of Gold Per Gram In Nigeria

Q: Gold Jewelry & Accessories In Nigeria?

You can buy gold accessories and jewelry such as gold necklace,bracelet etc in Nigeria. Gold in Nigeria is available per ounce,gram and kilo gram in different carats such as 24k, 21k, 18k, 14k, and 10k.

Q: Where To Buy & Sell Gold Necklace & Accessories In Nigeria? 

There are different gold shops located in every state in Nigeria. States like Lagos and Abuja has the highest number of Gold shops in Nigeria. 

You can walk into any Gold store to buy your preferred Gold jewelry and also get an estimated sale price of your old Gold jewelry if you want to sale yours. 

There are also Mallams that sell and buy gold items,however before you decide to conduct any transaction with any Mallam or Gold shop make sure that you ask questions to be sure that your dealing with a genuine Gold buyer or seller. 


How To Buy Gold Necklaces,Jewelry In Lagos & Abuja 

Q: How To Avoid Buying A Fake Gold Jewelry In Nigeria? 

If you're a novice about Gold jewelry,its imperative that you go with an experienced goldsmith before buying any Gold jewelry,however there are some things that you should check out before buying any gold jewelry in Nigeria such as:- 

  • (a) Checking the hallmarks that is stamped on the jewelry,its usually stamped '750' with the karat indicated. (b) You should know what the karat means and also know which of the karats that you want to buy for example a 24 karat jewelry is 100 percent gold while a 14 karat gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy,which is 58.5% gold,hence 1 gram of 24 karat gold should be more
    expensive than 1 gram of 14 karat gold. The karat indicates the percentage amount of gold in a jewelry. 
  • (c) You can also use a magnet to check if your gold jewelry is genuine,hold the magnet close to your Gold items,Gold is not magnetic so if the magnet attracts the jewelry that means that your items does not contain solid gold but rather contain silver or platinum. 
  • (d) Buy your gold jewelry from trusted shops,avoid buying from street peddlers.
  • (e) Carefully check the jewelry for any scratch that result in discolouration,if you notice any discolouration in any part of the jewelry,do not buy.

After ensuring that the gold items presented to you is genuine by conducting some of the tests listed above,the Gold will be weighed in grams before being converted to Naira,then you pay and take home your Gold jewelry.

Q: How To Know The Price Tag Of A Gold Jewelry In Nigeria? 

It is quite simple to know the amount of money that you have to pay for your gold jewelry before making a payment,all that is involved is some basic mathematics calculation. 

For example a 24K solid gold necklace that weigh 3 grams will be sold for ₦ 42.648 NGN,that is if one gram cost ₦14,216,all you have to do is to simply multiply ₦14,216 by 3 grams i.e 3 x 14,216 =  ₦ 42.648 NGN.

Q: How To Wash And Take Of Your Gold Jewelry? 

Boil a hot water,add detergent,afterwards proceed to add your gold jewelry,allow it to soak for 60 minutes. Use a soft brush or a damp cloth to clean your gold jewelry till it's shiny. 

It's advisable to wash your Gold jewelry every 3 months. 

Q: Current Prices Of A Gram Of Gold In Nigeria?

Th prices of a gram of Gold in Nigeria fluctuate because of the Naira to Dollar exchange rate,however the current prices of a gram of Gold in Nigeria is listed below:-
  • Current Price Of 10K Gold Per Gram > ₦ 5,923.37
  • Current Price Of 11K Gold Per Gram > ₦ 6502.22
  • Current Price Of 12K  Gold Per Gram > ₦ 7,108.05
  • Current Price Of 13K  Gold Per Gram > ₦ 7684.45
  • Current Price Of 14K  Gold Per Gram >  ₦ 8,294.94
  • Current Price Of 15K  Gold Per Gram > ₦ 8866.67
  • Current Price Of 16K  Gold Per Gram > ₦ 9457.78 
  • --
  • Current Price Of 17K Gold Per Gram > ₦ 10048.89
  • Current Price Of 18K Gold Per Gram >  ₦ 10,658.64
  • Current Price Of 19K Gold Per Gram > ₦ 11231.11
  • Current Price Of 20K Gold Per Gram > ₦ 11822.22
  • Current Price Of 21K Gold Per Gram >  ₦ 12,436.58
  • Current Price Of 22K Gold Per Gram >  ₦ 13,030.37
  • Current Price Of 23K Gold Per Gram >  ₦ 13595.56
  • Current Price Of 24k Gold Per Gram >  ₦ 14,216.09 

Q: Current Prices Of An Ounce Of Gold In Nigeria? 

  • Current Price Of 1 Ounce 24K > ₦ 442,120.41
  • Current Price Of 1 Ounce 22K > ₦ 405,277.05
  • Current Price Of 1 Ounce 21K > ₦ 386,855.36
  • Current Price Of 1 Ounce 18K > ₦ 331,590.31
  • Current Price Of 1 Ounce 14K > ₦ 257,903.58
  • --
  • Current Price Of 1 Ounce 12K > ₦ 221,060.21
  • Current Price Of 1 Ounce 10K > ₦ 184,216.84

In Conclusion: 

As stated earlier,the prices of Gold accessories and jewelry fluctuate in Nigerian due to the Dollar to Naira exchange rate,in other to get the real time gold value you can use some of the free services offered by different gold value update websites online.