Peace Corps Of Nigeria (PCN) Salary Structure,Ranks & Insignia

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The idea of the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) is to maintain peace and social order. 

The Nigerian peace corps was founded by Dickson A.O Akoh as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO),apart 

from being able to maintain peace,it was also seen a platform to empower the youths as well as to foster national creativity,unity,peace,youth development and re-orientation. 

The motto of the Nigerian peace corps is ''Discipline and Patriotic services''. 

Mr A.O Akoh was a troop leader with the Boys Scout Movement,he served as the zonal leader of the International Red Cross Society in Benue State and was affiliated with the Nigerian Army Cadet Corps in Kaduna.
In this post we are quickly going to reveal the ranks and salary of the Nigerian Peace Corps.

Nigerian Peace Corps (PCN) Salary Structure & Ranking Structure

Q: Ranking Structure Of The Peace Corps of Nigeria?

The highest ranked officer is the Commandant General followed by the Deputy Commandant General (DCG) and the next is the Assistant Commandant General (ACG).
There are 6 DCGs and 6 ACGS,these positions are selected from the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria to reflect true Federalism.

Q: Rank /Insignia Of The Peace Corps of Nigeria?

  • Commandant general (cg) > 1 npc arm, 2 star, 1 eagle
  • Deputy commandant general (dcg) > 1 npc arm, 1 star, 1 eagle
  • Assistant commandant general (acg) > 1 npc arm, 1 npc bar,1 eagle
  • Commandant (cn) > 1 npc arm, 1 eagle
  • Deputy commandant (dcn) > 1 npc arm, 1 star
  • Assistant commandant (acn) > 1 npc arm
  • Chief superintendent (csn) >1 star, 1 eagle
  • Superintendent (sn) > 1eagle
  • Deputy superintendent (dsn) > 3 star
  • Assistant superintendent 1 (asn) 1 > 2 star
  • Assistant superintendent 2 (asn) 2 > 1 star
  • Inspector 1 “inspector 1” > 3 strip metal bar
  • Inspector 2 “inspector 2” > 2 strip metal bar
  • Inspector 3 “inspector 3” > 1 strip metal bar
  • Corper assistant 1 corper 1″ > 3 strip wool bar
  • Corper assistant 2 “corper 2” > 2 strip wool bar
  • Corper assistant 3 “corper 1” > 1 strip wool bar
  • Private corper “private” > 1 empty wool bar

The lowest rank in the peace corp is the Private corper while the highest rank is the Commandant general. 

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Q: Peace Corps of Nigeria Salary Structure? 

The Peace Corps of Nigeria is dependent on donations from local and international donor agencies,they also generate funds from enlistment fee (N40,000),identity card fees, weekly development fee by members,camp fees,gifts etc.