VIO In Nigeria: Salary,Functions,Roles,History,Duties In Nigeria


As a driver in Nigeria,you may have had an encounter
with Vehicle Inspection Officers in Nigeria. 

Most people are not familiar with the role and duties of VIO officers.
In this article we shall take a look at the roles,functions,duties,history and salary of Vehicle Inspection Officers in Nigeria,so when next you are  stopped by VIO officers in Nigeria you will know their duties and be abe to present all the necessary documents and vehicle accessories for inspection.   

VIO In Nigeria

Q: History Of VIO In Nigeria? 

Vehicle Inspection Officers are car inspectors that work with VIS (Vehicle Inspection Service) which is a Directorate under the Ministry of Transportation in Nigeria. 
The VIO which is a federal initiative was initiated on 1st January 1949 based on the Road Traffic Act chapter 548 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (1990). The 1949 Act gave birth to VIO.

Q: VIO Duties In Nigeria? 

The general duties of VIO are:- 

  • (a) Inspection and issuance of road worthiness certificate (RWC) to all vehicles in Nigeria. 
  • (b) Maintenance of sanity on Nigerian roads and highways by ensuring that vehicles plying Nigerian roads are road worthy at all time.
  • (c) Training and testing of drivers for Drivers License.
  • (d) Testing of Riders for Riders Card.
  • (e) Organizing seminars and public lectures in order to educate drivers.
  • (f) Carrying out inspection on accident vehicles.
  • (g) Certification of driving schools in Nigeria. 
  • (h) Checking Of Vehicle Drivers License. 
  • (i) Inspection of vehicle drivers license and other car documents.

Q: Items That Need To Be In Order In Your Car To Avoid Being Penalized By A VIO Officer:-  

(a) Brakes

Your brake must stop your car within a distance of 8 meters at a speed of 32km/h. 

(b) Essential Accessories

Your vehicle should have a spare tire,jack,triangle,fire extinguisher,timing belt and first aid box. 

(c) Car Tyre 

Your four tires should be in a good condition,also make sure that the four tires have four screw nuts. Tires must 
have a minimum thread depth of 0.063 inches and not older than 4 years.

(d) Car Light

Your vehicle should have a bright head and tail lights plus brake lights and turn signals that are in good working condition. 

(e) Emission

Your car should have a good exhaust emission system.

(f) Horn

Your car horn must be heard from a distance of 60 meters. 

(g) Car Body

Your car body should be in a good condition.

(h) Number Plates

Ensure that your car has front and back number plates. 
(i) Windshield Wipers

Your windshied wipers must be working effectively

(j) Rearview Mirrors

Your rear view mirror must be well positioned in order to reflect your rear view on the highway for a distance of 60 meters.

(k) Vehicle Documents 

Your car vehicle documents including your drivers license has to be up to date.

Q: List Of Items Checked By VIO Officers In Nigeria?
  • 1. Car Brakes That Are In Good Condition
  • 2. Spare Tire
  • 3. Car Jack
  • 4. Car Triangle
  • 5. Fire Extinguisher
  • 6. Timing Belt 
  • 7. First Aid Box
  • 8. Good Car Tires + Four Screw Nuts On Each Tire
  • 9. 
  • 10. Car Lights (head,tail,brake and turn signals should be in a good working condition. 
  • 11. Good Car Exhaust Emission System
  • 13. Good Horn
  • 14. Clean Car Body
  • 15. Number Plates (Both Front & Back) 
  • 16. Windshield Wipers In Great Condition
  • 14. Well Positioned Rear View Mirrors
  • 15. Complete Car Papers + Drivers License

Q: VIO Officer New Entry level Salary Structure? 

As a federal organization,a newly recruited VIO graduate is estimated to earn between N40,000 - N72,000 Naira per month after tax.