Nigerian Lecturers Monthly Salary Structure  


There are many tertiary institutions in Nigeria,as a matter
of fact there are approximately 43 Federal Universities, 47 State Universities and 75 Private Universities that are all approved by the National Universities Commission of Nigeria (NUC). 
There are approximately 82 colleges of education in Nigeria which is made up of 22 federal,14 private and 46 state colleges of education. 

Polytechnics on the other hand are regulated by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education and are either owned by the Federal or State governments.

A lecturer is anyone whose occupation is to give lectures at a university or any tertiary institution or college of higher education.

State Universities,Private Universities,Collages of education and even Polytechnics usually require the services of lecturers because of the high number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 
In this post we are quickly going to take a look at the current salary of lecturers in Nigeria every month.  

Lecturer Salary Structure In Nigeria

Q: How Much Does A Lecturer Earn Monthly In Nigeria? 

In other to properly estimate the salary of a lecturer in either a private,state or federal institution,there are factors that we have to consider. 

Some of the factors include the type of tertiary institution the lecturer is lecturing in,his/her years of experience,rank etc. 

Another fact to note here is that all though the federal government has the CONUASS salary structure,the salaries earned by lecturers in Nigeria still differ considerably,some lecturers earn higher than their colleagues. 
Listed below is the rank\hierachy of teachers in a tertiary institution and as expected their monthly salaries will be different.  

Lecturing Rank/Hierachy In Nigerian Universities 
  • Emeritus Professor (Retired)
  • Professor
  • Associate Professor / Reader
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Lecturer I
  • Lecturer II
  • Assistant Lecturer
  • Graduate Assistant
  • Lecturer - Monthly

(a) Lecturer I

A newly appointed lecturer in a state or federal tertiary institution in Nigeria will start off with a monthly salary that is between ₦120,000 - ₦160,000. 

(b) Lecturer II

These lecturers earn between ₦ 160,000 - ₦ 180,000 
per month and most often are required to have a masters degree qualification.

(c) Senior Lecturer 

A senior lecturer is a lecturer with many years of experience teaching in Nigerian tertiary institutions. A senior lecturer earns between ₦ 250,000 - ₦ 500,000 monthly depending on the tertiary institution. 

In Conclusion:-

Most Nigerian lecturers lecture at multiple tertiary institutions at a time and hence tend to earn salary in two or three different tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

Most of these federal and state lecturers are enticed by the salary presented by private universities that pay slightly higher and will become a part time or visiting lecturer in private tertiary institutions. 
There is also the issue of 'sorting' among some lecturers in tertiary institution,lecturers also make more money from the sale of mandatory hand-outs and books which are sold by the lecturers to the students. This practice is common in state universities in Nigeria. 

  • The information on this page is subject to change,figures stated here are only estimates and not 100% accurate.
  • Figures stated here represent net total amount with tax deductions.