Davido And Chioma Relationship News: Breakup,Fight,Wedding And Pregnancy Rumors 

Davido & Chioma
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Davido is one of the best musician in Nigeria and Africa.

Over the years we have watched him grow to become one of the powerhouse of African music.
Davido is also from one of the wealthiest family in Nigeria,his father is billionaire businessman Deji Adeleke.

Davido’s private life has been in the news ever since he became a superstar,he has fathered two kids from two different women,however earlier in 2018,he surprised everyone by introducing a girl identified as Chioma Avril Rowland as the love of his life.

In this post we will take a look at Davido and Chioma's relationship and also address some of the rumors that has been in the media for quite some time about the relationship between Davido Adeleke and Chioma Avril Rowland.

Davido And Chioma Relationship

Davido and Chioma's relationship story seems to take most of Davido’s fans by surprise,no one expected Davido to suddenly act like a love struck individual,many of Davido’s fans are actually excited about the idea of Davido who is from the Yoruba tribe to marry Chioma who is from the Igbo tribe.
The traditional marriage and white wedding between Davido and Chioma will be a lovely sight to behold,however some fans are anxiously waiting for the much publicized relationship on social media to be over.

The Davido and Chioma relationship buzz started after Davido showed Chioma off as his girlfriend for over 5 years.

According to reports,Davido met Chioma while he was still an undergraduate at Babcock University.

This means that Chioma has been in the background all this while,even when Davido was affiliated to Sophia Momodu and Amanda which eventually resulted in the birth of Davido’s two daughters.

Davido probably decided to honor the solid chef in his life named Chioma by gifting her a N45 miillion Naira Porsche car with a customized assurance plate number on her 23rd birthday.
He didn't stop there as he went ahead to sing and record a chart topping song titled 'Assurance' for her. He also released a video for the song which featured Chioma.

If you think Davido would slow down after this generous act your mistaken,he and his girlfriend usually fly with private jet to all his shows,during one of his shows in Cameroon,Davido showed off Chioma as he performed the song 'Assurance' on stage,basically Chioma is now a part of Davido’s 30 Billion Gang.

He has also taken Chioma to meet some high profile Nigerians such as Atiku Abubakar,the Ooni of ife,his family members an some other celebrities.

Davido also revealed that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Chioma,nevertheless there was a publication from a media outlet which reads, ''Assurance expired? Davido relationship with Chioma hits the rocks over infidelity'',Davido immediately took to his Twitter handle to reply the media house by tweeting ''God punish you, see you in court''.
From all indications Chioma is not yet pregnant and Davido and Chioma' relationship is still waxing strong as they always use any opportunity to show off their love for each other on social media.

Davido went ahead to secure an endorsement deal worth N100 million for Chioma amidst rumours that Chioma should go back and finish her studies at Babcock instead of traveling around with the singer.

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As it stands now,there is no fight or breakup plans between Davido and Chioma that we know of,we are only waiting anxiously for the wedding date of Davido and Chioma,however be rest assured that we will update you with any recent news about Davido and Chioma's relationship.


Davido was currently engaged to Chioma,she also bore him his first male child.

Chioma is now Davido's third baby mama.