Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha Current Net Worth News & Latest Update


Rochas Okorocha is one of the most controversial
politician in Nigeria,in this article we are going to take a look at some of the quick facts about the politician and business man that you never knew and also estimate his current net worth this year. 

Rochas Okorocha Net Worth & Quick Facts

  • 1. Rochas was born Rochas Anayo Okorocha on the 22nd of September 1962. 
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  • 2. Rochas is a business man and also a Nigerian billionaire. 
  • 3. Rochas hails from Imo state,he was the former governor of Imo state from May 2011 - 2019. 
  • 4. He is a savvy businessman,he has interest in oil and gas,media,agriculture education, real estate, construction, mining etc. He is also the founder of Rochas Foundation.

  • 5. The Rochas Foundation award scholarship to less privileged children in the Nigerian society. 
  • 6. As a politician,Rochas was once in the People's Democratic Party before defecting to the All Progressives Congress.
  • 7. Rochas is from the Igbo ethnic stock,however he was educated in the northern part of Nigeria,he attended Juladaco High School, Jos and the University of Jos,because of this fact and some other reasons,some people especially Easterners call him 'Okorohausa'. 

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  • 8. Rochas sparked controversy after he started building and erecting statue of different people,after he unveiled the statue of the former Liberian President Rochas told a journalist that he was building statues to immortalize people so that children yet unborn can read a piece of them,according to him history is dying in Africa and must be kept alive.

Q: Rochas Okorocha Current Net Worth? 

Hotvibes Media estimate Rochas Okorocha's net worth to be around ₦ 50 Billion Naira.

Rochas Okorocha's aid revealed that the business man and politician was worth about 50 billion Naira which is approximately 140 million dollars before he became the governor of Imo state,currently he is estimated to have a total net worth of about 400 million dollars.