Top 10 Busiest & Biggest Markets In Nigeria

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Nigeria has one of the highest numbers of markets located
across the country,with an estimated population of above 200 million people,its only normal that there should be the presence of many markets scattered across the country.

A market is simple a place where individuals engage and exchange goods and services with each other in exchange for money.
In Nigeria most markets are located in an open area which comprise of mini shops and kiosks,petty traders often use wooden tables to display their goods to potential buyers.

In this article we will list the top 10 busiest and biggest markets in Nigeria that generate billions of Naira every year and the state that they are located.

Top 10 Busiest & Biggest Markets In Nigeria

1. Anambra State

Onitsha Main Market

The busiest and largest market in Nigeria is located in Anambra state Nigeria. It is called the Onitsha Main Market.

This market is located in the city of Onitsha which is the  commercial capital of Anambra State.

This market is not only the largest market in Nigeria,it is also ranked as one of the largest market in Africa. People visit this market from different parts of the country.

According to sources small and large scale traders can buy their goods directly from the manufacturers at cheap prices.

2. Lagos State

Oshodi Market

Lagos state is the economic power house of Nigeria. The Oshodi Market is located in Lagos state Nigeria and is ranked as the 2nd largest and busiest market in Nigeria.

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The Oshodi market is very big,it is also famous for its rowdiness and affordable items.

3. Lagos State

Balogun Market

The Balogun market is a famous market located in Lagos state Nigeria.

People visit this market from different parts of the country to buy different types of fabrics,shoes and clothes.

4. Abia State

The Ariria International Market

The Ariria International is located in Aba Abia State. This market is a heaven for shoe makers and leather manufacturers.
The market is nicknamed ''The China Of Africa'' because it's where different replica of products are fabricated and sold.

The Ariaria market is also ranked as one of the largest shoe making markets in West Africa and Africa as a whole.

The market was founded in 1976 after the old Ekeoha Market in Aba was destroyed.

5. Lagos State

Alaba International Market

The 5th largest and busiest market in Nigeria is the Alaba International Market located in Ojo,Lagos State.
The Alaba International Market is the largest electronics market in Nigeria.

People flock to this market to buy brand new electronic gadgets and also to repair their old electronic appliances.
The market is also known for CD marketing and distribution.

6. Lagos State

Idumota Market

The sixth largest market on our countdown is the Idumota Market.
This market is located on Lagos Island.

The market comprise of thousands of lock-up shops in various buildings,the Idumota market is also one of the oldest markets in Lagos state.
It is also a heaven for major Nollywood distributors that distribute Nollywood movies.

7. Enugu State

Ogbete Main Market

The Ogbete Main Market is the biggest market in Enugu state and also the 7th largest and busiest market in Nigeria.
The market is also the best arranged market in Nigeria. First time visitors to this market will definitely find their way around because it's well organized and not rowdy.

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There is a section where you can buy any item you want ranging from groceries,clothes,electronics,books, grains etc.

8. Kano State

Kurmi Market

The 8th largest and busiest market in our countdown is the Kurmi Market.
The Kurmi Market is located in Kano State Nigeria. 

The market was established in the 15th century and was founded by Muhammad Rumfa who was the King of Kano back in the 15th century,back then the market attracted traders from different countries.

The market is known for selling items such as dyed clothes and leather products.
The Kurmi Market is also one of the oldest markets in Nigeria.

9. Oyo State

Oja-Oba/Orita Merin Market

The 9th largest and busiest market in Nigeria is the Oja-Oba/Orita Merin Market. This market is located in the ancient city of Ibadan.
The Oja-Oba/Orita Merin Market is one of the largest foodstuff markets in Nigeria.

10. Rivers State

Oil Mill Market

The 10th largest and biggest market in Nigeria is the oil mill market.This market also known as the Wednesday market is located in the garden city of port harcourt.

The market started after the Nigerian Biafran Wa*r and was formerly called the Nnempi Market. The market sell mainly palm products and cassava.
The market is busiest on Wednesdays.


Another busy and large market located in Nigeria that is worthy of a mention is the Jos Main Market located in Plateau state Nigeria.

This market is rated as the the largest indoor market in West Africa. It's also one of the well organised market in Nigeria.