Top 5 Most Admirable Traits Of The Igbo Ethnic Group


The Igbo ethnic group is one of the major ethnic group in Nigeria and Africa.

The Igbos are located mainly in the present-day southeastern Nigeria.

There is no verified origin of the Igbo people,however there are speculations that the Igbo's might have originated from the Jews of Isreal.

The Igbo's also refer to themselves as the Jews of West Africa and one of the descendants of one of Israel's lost tribes. 
About 44 million people speak the Igbo language which is one of the three major official languages in Nigeria.

The Igbo language has over 20 dialects,the language is recognized as a major language in Nigeria and a  minority language in Equatorial Guinea.
Small Igbo speaking communities can be found in Jamaica,America etc. 

The Igbos are mostly Christians.
In this article we shall quickly take a look at some of the top most admirable traits of the Igbo tribe.

Top 5 Most Admirable Traits Of The Igbo Ethnic Group

1. Innovative & Business Savvy

The Igbo's are the heart beat of Nigeria's trade and commerce industry,the average Igbo man is naturally a savvy business man.
Due to their entrepreneurial spirit they can be found everywhere in the world.
After the the federal government of Nigeria denied Igbo's access to their money after the wa*r with Biafra,the Igbo's became impoverished and where highly discriminated.

They had no choice than to embrace trading and commerce,they eventually excelled in this field.

2. Hardwork & Patience

The Igbo man/woman is known to be hardworking,smart and patient just like most Nigerians.

An Igbo man or woman will learn the ropes about any business and will patiently grow his or her business after years of hardwork.

3. Luxurious Lifestyle

A typical Igbo man like to live a luxurious lifestyle and won't hesitate to facilitate growth and development.

Most often Igbo people bring development to any area they live,they are also one of the most educated tribe in Nigeria.

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4. Bravery

The Igbo's are also known to be brave,this can be seen during the face off between Nigeria and Biafra.
Lead by the Late General Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu The Igbo's singlehandedly fought against Nigeria for Biafra without any strong support or backing from any strong nation.

The wa*r was eventually called off in January 15,1970 after which the Nigerian government re-absorbed Biafra into Nigeria

5. Independent & Proud

An average Igbo man or woman is very proud of him/herself,most tribes in Nigeria don't really cooperate with the Igbo's because of this trait.

An Igbo man usually attach success to wealth and will not hesitate to flaunt their wealth in public,an Igbo man dread poverty with passion.

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Bonus Point:-

6. Good looks

The Igbo's are also known for having good looks. Igbo girls are said to be the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. The Igbo's are also known to be light skinned especially the Igbo's from Imo state Nigeria.

The "Red Ibo" was used back then to refer to the Igbo sla*ves in Jamaica because of their light skin or yellow  skin tones.