Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) Salary Structure 

The Defence Intelligence Agency also called DIA is the
military intelligence agency of Nigeria.

The DIA was founded in 1986 with the aim of providing military intelligence for the Nigerian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence. 

Other roles of the DIA in Nigeria include promotion of Nigeria's defence policy,enhancing military cooperation with other countries,protecting the lives of Nigerian citizens and maintaining  the territorial integrity of Nigeria. 
The headed of the DIA is appointed by the President of Nigeria.

In this post we are quickly going to check out how the average monthly salary structure of DIA employees in Nigeria. 

DIA Salary Structure

Q: How Much Does DIA New Entry Employees Earn Monthly?

The average salary earned by new employees of the DIA Nigeria is classified,however we estimate that new entry employees earn between ₦ 140,000 - ₦ 155,000 per month after tax. 

  • The information on this page is subject to change,figures stated here are only estimates and not 100% accurate.
  • DIA officers are usually entitled to several allowances,gratuity and pension from the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Figures stated here represent net total amount with tax deductions.