Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Customer Care Phone Numbers,Email & Complaint Unit 

The Nigerian Postal Service popularly referred to as Nipost in
Nigeria is a government owned postal agency that is responsible for providing postal services in Nigeria. 

Do you want to contact the customer care unit of Nipost for any firsthand information such as prices, destinations, addresses, customs, packaging, prohibitions,delivery time or arrival status of item ordered? 
You can contact Nigerian postal service customer care with the contact details below.

Nigerian Postal Service (Nipost) Customer Care Numbers,Email & Complaint Unit 

Q: Nigerian Postal Service (Nipost) Customer Care Numbers? 

  • 234-1-4801450
  • 4336932
  • 4979148
  • 2713546
  • 08023317053
  • Fax: 234-1-2713545
  • Email:

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Ensure that you set aside information concerning any parcel that you wish to find out it's delivery date. Nipost's customer care agent will ask for the following information:-
Your item number. 
  • Addressee's name/address. 
  • Office of posting. 
  • --
  • Date of posting. 
  • Type of service. 
  • Number of items(if more than one). 
  • Content of package.

You should also note that Nipost also work on Saturdays except on Sunday.