Top 10 Quick Facts About COZA That You Probably Never Knew 

In this post we will quickly check out some quick facts
about COZA that you probably didn't know till today. 

Lets quickly check it out. 

Top 10 Quick Facts About COZA
  • 1. Commonwealth of Zion Assembly popularly known as COZA was founded by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinb
  • o,the church has thousands of members in Nigeria. 
  • 2. COZA has an mpressive online presence,Biodun Fatoyinbo's messages are listed to all over the world. 
  • 3. The church started out as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) back in Ilorin, Kwara State in 1999.
  • 4. The church currently has only five branches with four pastors,COZA has branches in Ilorin,Abuja,Lagos,Port-harcourt and one branch outside Nigeria in Dubai.
  • 5. The church has the philosophy of ''Build the people and the people will build the organization''.6. Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo is the Co-Senior Pastor of COZA,she is Biodun Fatoyinbo's wife. 
  • 7. Biodun Fatoyinbo was called out by Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo,the singer accused him of having an af*air with female members of his church.
  • 8. COZA is headquartered in Abuja Nigeria. 
  • 9. COZA's Ilorin branch started in 1999,Abuja's branch in 2008, Lagos in 2012, Port Harcourt in 2016 and Dubai branch in 2017.
  • 10. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is married to Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo,the marriage is blessed with children.