Top 10 Unique Gift Items & Souvenirs From Nigeria

Nigeria is the giant of Africa with over an estimated population of about 230 million
black people. Listed below are some unique items that you can buy when you visit Nigeria,let’s take a quick look at some of these items. 

Top 10 Unique Gift Items And Souvenirs In Nigeria

1. Ishi Agu


Ishi Agu is a traditional material that is worn by the Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria.This fabric is used to design and sew clothes for both male and female,most often Ishi Agu is worn during Igbo traditional weddings and ceremonies,it can also be used to design different outfits.

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Isi-Agu means lion's head in Igbo language,thats probably why the material has the picture a lion head on it,this material comes in different colors such as black,red,yellow and green. 

2. Red Cap (Okpu Agu)


The 'red cap' is a cap worn by Igbo chiefs in Nigeria. The red cap is usually given to an Igbo man when he received a chieftaincy title. This cap is usually worn with the ishi Agu shirt.

There is also a type of this red cap that come with two feathers.

3. Ankara Material

The Ankara material originated from West Africa,this material is produced using industrially produced colorful cotton cloths with batik-inspired printing.

There is a lot of fake Ankara materials available these days,however an authentic Ankara material is smooth to touch and soft on the skin.The best type of authentic Ankara material can be bought in Nigeria and Ghana. 

4. African Beads

African beads are a traditional African accessory that is worn around the waist,ankle,wrist or hips,these beads can be found In Ghana, Nigeria,Senegal and other West African countries.

5. African Bags

African fabrics are used and transformed to solid African bags that can be quite fashionable and trendy.

6. Ankara Clutch Bag 

The Ankara inspired Clutch bag designed to be handheld or carried under your arm. You can use the bag to carry essentials such as a phone,cosmetic items etc. This is definitely a unique gift item that can be bought in Nigeria.

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Other items that can be made from Ankara material include laptop bags,shoes,slippers etc. 

7. Raffia Craft Products 

Raffia crafts in Nigeria are products obtained from the leaves of the raffia palm.

Unique products made from raffia crafts include mats,baskets,hats etc. A Prada woven raffia bucket bag costs more than $2000 dollars whereas most raffia craft products bought in Nigeria costs less than $100 dollars. 

8. Ankara Knapsack Bags

The Ankara Knapsack Bag is a knapsack bag that is made from locally sourced materials in Nigeria,this bag is custom made and unique. 

9. Agbada

The Agbada is a loose-fitting robe worn by men and women in Nigeria. 

The Agbada is a four-piece attire that is found among the Yoruba ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria. This outfit can be bought in Nigeria. 

10. Traditional Cowt*ail

The traditional cowta*l is a traditional attire that is worn by rich Igbo men and women from southeast Nigeria.

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It is also used during Igbo traditional wedding ceremonies. 

Other unique gift item that can be bought only in Nigeria include:

  • Cowries 
  • Aso Oke 
  • Nigerian Sculptures 
  • Udu 
  • Aran 

Listed above are some of the unique items that can be bought when you visit Nigeria,if you would also like to purchase any of these items you can contact us by sending an email to,we ship to different part of the world via Dhl,Fedex and UPS.