Album: CKay – Sad Romance


Nigerian singer C Kay has released a new album titled ‘Sad Romance’.

The gifted singer also featured some talented musicians such as South Africa’s

Focalistic,Davido,Ayra starr amongst others.

C kay’s album contain 12 tracks such as YouMmaduLeave Me AloneYou Cheated, I Cheated, TooCome Close (ft. Ayra Starr), Watawi (ft. DavidoFocalistic & Abidoza), SojaSamson & Delilah (ft. Mayra Andrade),EmilianaBy NowLose You (ft. Ronisia), and Love Nwantiti(Bonus).

You should check out hot tracks on the album such as Mmadu,Come Close (ft. Ayra Starr), Watawi (ft. DavidoFocalistic & Abidoza),Emiliana and Love Nwantiti (Bonus).