News: Berry Tiga - The History Of Blaqbonez & Carter Efe Beef


Machala Machala!!! 

You must have probably listened to Machala by Nigerian comedian Carter Efe and singer Berri-Tiga.

Carter Efe and singer Berri-Tiga are currently at loggerheads on Twitter over issues revolving around who owns the song.

Earlier this month their song “Machala” was removed from Apple Music,many people speculated that the removal was because of the dispute. 

A few celebrities have given their own opinion,Singer Fave and rapper 

Emeka Akumefule popularly known as Blaqbonez reacted to the ongoing clash,however Blaqbonez and comedian Carter Efe took it more personal and dragged themselves on Twitter for days.

The cause of this whole drama was that Carter Efe supposedly offered 

singer Berri-Tiga,who wrote and sang the entire song, a 95%-5% split (in favor of the comedian),however Carter Efe denied offering Berri Tiga just 5%.

Blaqbonez immediately took to Twitter to slam Carter Efe for offering such a deal to a creative. 

According to the rapper,without the promoter, a song might eventually be big, but without a creative,the song will not exist at all. 

He wrote:

Forget music business, forget “i dey help you” common human decency tells u that u should favor the CREATIVE! the one that brought the music out of thin air, without promoter song fit blow,without the creative the song won’t exist!

Currently Berry Tiga has released a solo track titled ‘God’ while Carter Efe’ also released a song titled Ikebe Super ft Ceeza Milli

There is definitely still bad blood between Blaqbonez and Carter Efe,however Berry Tiga and Carter Efe seem to have reconciled as they shared a picture together recently on Twitter,they claimed to have resolved their differences amicably.