News: Chike - Why I Don’t Drop Singles Regularly

Nigerian musician Chike has revealed why he has refused

to release singles at intervals.

He had a chat with Dadaboy Ehiz on Apple Music 1, he said that he has toned down on being an artist and embraced music from an executive perspective.

In his own words:

“I have toned down being an artist, and look at it from an executive perspective. The way music is here, it’s expensive – whether you’re pushing singles or projects, a lot of money is going to go down. I have been independent for the longest – you know I have my team, I have my people who handle management but I’m basically independent – and with singles, it’s still going to be money spent and you just don’t know for sure what the market wants to listen to'.

Earlier this month Chike twitted on his verified Twitter account saying he sold his SUV in a bid to raise money for his music.