She Tell Me Say Lyrics By Oladips


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She Tell Me Say Lyrics By Oladips 

The disciples music!

So I got a girl yeah

She tell me say I be G.O.A.T

Like greatest of all time

(Broke boy broke boy)

No be meh (ah-ah)

Mojoko mo gara tan bi ti obalade lori alefa

Kolomo towo omore basho ko to di yeba yeba

Awon ton duro de APC fun change o tiri garri gba

R.I.P si dabllix kolorun forun ke maleba

I’ve been about my hustle one man mopo lati aye one

Awa ti bawon woko igbala yen tipe lati aye Noah

Ati gbawe biribiri febi panu ki hallelujah

But gbogbo inkan to ni kin mase I dey do am

Gbadugbadu a gbowo agbado lowo yin gbegede a gbina

Ewa bina omi lo se eja jina elo da igi ina

Awa lomo de ana to fe soro but te jagbe mo

Ade to walori mi signature ni bi fila spinalll

They can’t take away the crown

Can’t deny the gift

Even if I go commercial the street know what we did 

Put a couple niggas on, see the talent that we breath

Cause the same dream and the same blood that we bleed

I don’t even have the biggest class form or resources

But I came into the scene me and my Bro’s like we’r cultist and

Everything I did all came with repercussion

Cause I had a record deal wey the put me through instructions

-- ---

Woke up to reality and realize that I’m a alone

These are the battles I’ve been fighting on my own

Can’t even pretend cause plenty of times I was warn

But me I no understand the kind of contract I was on

People forget all the things that you did when you stop to dey pop

Emi o fo normal normal mo mo werey po

Ki Baba yin yo fila kawon mama yin fi gele

But awon to ma run yin tirantiran na them we go call

I have to do this for the culture i gat my dues back

All eyes on me tori 16 bars biti 2pac

Some of my industry brothers wey they say they gat me of course..

Na the same people wey dey go attack me on blog

Na why I no dey link up oribu kan I dey in my space

Cause when we link up everybody go laugh in your face

30mins I don disappear dem no know where I dey

You fit know my house make you no know where I stay

So I be in my own studio having conversations with my demons

I no dey smoke Igbo holy spirit is what I been on

I see my brothers on top I know that I can be more

Shoutout to world president zanku

That’s my real one

Ain’t nobody killing my vibes or kill my dreams

All this clout chasing I swear is not really my thing

I dey scare rappers like when America see Bin Laden

But only thing I dey deliver is dope barz in my gene

And I don dey do this for while this people just dey notice am

Irun fun fun tin yo nirungbon mhi I dey notice am

Lalakukulala to kolojo si was the only sound

Omo ti ologo esofun kolo shey glory charm

Alakori niyin gbogbo ipaya ten so moti gbori

Story for the gods e so di script na cause itan ni

E ti loose guard gbeyin kunle wole wo moti shoyin

Aya miki gbogbo se alepon malu mofi bori

Local rapper nimi but fun awon trenches I I be jay z

I be age mate with you OG’S mio she 18

Igboro Komi je so anywhere ni moti le chill

Ti batin lo Dubai lowo kan ni mape ma tea

See, This is hip hop you already know what time it is

My name is oladips the boy wey they do the wonder be this

All of us who be fc make dem shut up

Don’t take it personal mhen its all love


You’re too great to not kidding

See the reason why you’re getting so much attention ’cause of one minute

All of this because of one minute freestyle

You cannot tell me that you’re not great

Infact your beyond greatness

Keep going ....

Im so fvcking proud of you

Keep going ....

I’m so fvcking proud of you Ola.