Emergency Lyrics By WizzyPro Ft Runtown,Scales & Patoranking

Emergency Lyrics By WizzyPro Ft Runtown,Scales & Patoranking

Oh oh oh.. Runtown oh!

Say me causing emergency

Emergency, Emergency

This kind of thing you can never see

Them never see

But them never see anything, anything

And we killing the everything

Oh oh oh

All my guys na ballers, everything designer

The money we just dey dash on, dance on

Number one to ten on the top ten

We be running the countdown

Runtown oya countdwon

Money over everything right now


Ogini, I pull up in the Lamboghini

All the guys them wan be me

All the girls them wan see me

Them wan see me, like the president them wan see me

Them wan see me, them come see me

Omo se ko si, ki lo fa emergency

Na me dey see, ki lo... emergency


Call me your majesty

Na me dey cause your madness

I dey kill everything no amnesty

No be play play I dey spend money for everywhere

I dey even breathe money like say na air

Abi your name na Genevive comot for here

Yarn the thing wey you dey talk make we here


I spend money like it's nothing

When big things popping, lil things stopping

I might even take your girlfriend shopping

At the end of the day she's in my bedroom twerking

I'm living that reckless life

A million naira go neck next life

If balling is wrong then I can't do right

Everything I do fresh wey dey dey all night

I said yes when dey told me no

Now them dey pay alot of bills just to see me show

Anything I like I buy but na them go pay

The only competition I have na Dangote


I see emergency

Patoranking royal highness

What is your agency

Wizzypro beats causing madness

I see emergency

Patoranking royal highness

Them mama na the agency

Wizzypro beats causing madness


All the girl demma run come

Up on the dance floor, the thing demma want some

Roll it upon me Nike and me Sean John

All of dem say ma see me demma want some

Link up the girl come

Roll me rock up the se^x and demma wan done

Patoranking you know say the vibe can done

Burst up the place and we just wan come

Say, are you in on my friend

Eh, all of dem na my friend

Eh, Fashola na my guy

That's why we sitting down everyday we just dey high eh

When me sing Alubarika, no more short nicka

Na my flow sicker

Shout out to my old and me new nicka

Once again demma masking play it dramatical

Praaa Praaa!!


In case you don't know this is another Wizzy Production

Wizzypro beats

Yeah Runtown,Skales,Patoranking

Wo yese

Patrick Ellis I sight you


They don't know say we both shutting things tone from tone to tone 

Wizzypro beats we really recognise you!