Balance Lyrics By Ycee

Balance Lyrics By Ycee

You know I been hot for at least 4 summers

And you know what I mean it's been all burners

Clusterfu^cks in all clusters, bust a bus with no busters

Queer like boys with boy lovers

Now they know that God touches us

Swear on life they can't touch us, they can't outbest us

They got ball but can't test us

They say they ready for all this shit, but it still get messy

Back 2 back no they shook

We take flight when they book

Straight up fire with no hook

They send these threats but can't do it

Say you got guns but can't shoot

And you got minds that switch sides and got stuck at dumb side

I evolved with all times

Chased 2 hours like ruff ridders

Got pained liked arthritis

You all forgot no alzheimers

Now my block is hot so I pop up with sun block

You soft boys act hard but man it's all props

Am from a place where the eke keeps their gun cocked

They never hesitate to let the gun talk

I bes about that life, still around it

Y'all fu^cks don't need to doubt it

Y'all nigg^az gon need permission or teeth get missing

We be that heat global warming house gas emission now listen

I got the damn game in a chokehold

Man, I'm bill bagging like Frodo

I snow em where they don go

Shawty caught a lock like a froyo and still drop knees at the grotto

Glory to the Father, 5 Our Fathers and

Hail Marys

Burn that grin and hail Mary

Got hot sauce like peri peri

Got that juice Maleek Berry

Make change colour like Kate Perry hair

I'm still the one that all these nig^gaz fear

I'm still the hardest mo'fuc^ka out there

I'm still the hottest mo'fu^cka out here

Owoati swagger no Cartier

I been a problem I swear all these niggaz know about me

Buh there ain't nothing they can do about me

The way the racks be coming in

I swear to God it's really so alarming

I keep that paper fold nice my eyes on Origami

Versace Versace

I hardly ever care for it

But the swag I got is clear cut, pick her at the airport

Next scene she banging on the headboard

I'm really trying less to use the F word

Messing up network

If you got the right circle lets work

Remember your net worth is your network

I run the city

Ain't no doubt I got the leg work

But all these nig^gas no dey hear word Blood, I

Roll through the city of the valley of death

Inhaler for breath

Still old president re elected

But still till we neglect

We just want the Rolly Patek

I'm chasing the cheque

I'm so into deep fu^cking the rest

So give me a sec

Stress more gets to the neck

Get to recollect

Bad decisions I never regret

Pay attention

Pay me respect

They pay me a cheque

When that's done then you can call me the best

Till then I ....

Stay deep in the word

More than I can be

All you do is swat stickers like a Natzi

Still in a position that nigg^as really can't be

That's why them nig^gaz feeling angsty

Blame it on the energy

I've still got cake out the pantry

Words coming in on all sides like a matzi

See me on it, rappers tryna embarrass me

I'm better'an anyone that would diss the Al Haji

Bad Mix!