Hennessy 10 Lyrics By Ycee

Hennessy 10 Lyrics By Ycee

Ain't no body badder than ... 

Run am if you think you fit

I run the game, yea am kind of fit

Ain't got no counterparts they counterfeit

It's ironic they homophobic but still can't get the fuck off my di^ck

They want my spot I swear they fell aside and over analyze but when it come to dope you know that am the guy

But still the road to God I really follow his protocol it's been an over hall so Imma leave this size of note to y'all

Men I hate y'all

And every time I'm looking to the sky thanking God that I ain't y'all

Gave y'all enough time to catch up since I was AWOL

Daddy's home let's see which one of y'all is fit to blip off

Men I've been at this since men have been boys

And money talks so when I speak am sure to use my invoice

Yea I really enjoy leaving your niggas annoyed, So chop elbow that's the only time I try some adjoin

I go from start to finish like it's beginning to end

I turn to Esowa W now am winning again

Now be a gooner of goblin beat the shit out on stage

Hiphop for Naija na bluff feel like am rapping in vain

But I still kill it regardless, and you know me

Am new school but Henny put me up with three Og's

You must be drunk if you think you can belittle me now

I was the last born but right now I am the middle child

Cause am between the past and the future the demons and gods between the rappers and the singers how I even the odds

That's just something to consider like am feeding your thoughts

And if we don't get you on the street we'll just see you in court

And to those that wrote me off

But Hello this is me writing back they say am top 5 but really I don't see no lie in that

And my pocket's been getting fat, feeding on your fears I see a Killer B and I attack

Men's are here nobody do it like you do

Before you talk 'bout my career please tell me what do you do

Oludemilade I been sitting on the throne

And you same overrated while y'all just talking your own

Last bars Imma make 'em count

Am making money and y'all motherfuckers don't making out

If you're smart enough yo see you on the bright side

Cause when am going in y'all ain't safe from the outside ..