Igba Iponju Lyrics By Lil Kesh

Igba Iponju Lyrics By Lil Kesh

To those that can relate to this

Shey you know that time abi

That time when frustration catch you

You be like what am I supposed to do

You be like where am I supposed to go to

Things ain't working out yet

But my brother, just call on God

Igba, iponju de o

Mo ke, si baba loke

O ni, ma beru, ma foya

I dey

When things were looking blurry

Then I told my mummy

My sky is not yet sunny

Just keep on praying for me

She said just keep on believing

Omo mi wa de'be o

Let them keep on hating

Isu e ma to de'le o

So one two three me I buckle up my shoe

Hoping one day that my miracle will come

All those people that were calling me a fool

Now dem see me dem a calling me a

Gone are those days ti n ma rin kakiri, kakiri

Emi na ti fresh, o sha ti ri, sha ti ri

To ba ti ri'ya a, ba mi ki, ba mi ki

And I pray ko'ju mi maa ri'bi, maa ri'bi

Igba, iponju de o

Mo ke, si baba loke

O ni, ma beru, ma foya

I dey

Then I was a nobody, nobody

I dey find help but there was nobody, nobody

There was no money so there's no balling,no balling

Like Kanu Nwankwo I was determined ah

No dulling, no dulling

Won ni Kesh farabale wo, kilode ta'ra e o se ki ba'le bai?

I no get time to waste, ejo nah why me I still dey hustle die

Then it wasn't easy, afiza can testify

Be sango olukoso, I swear I can taste the fire ah

Now that you are listening, I can not rep├Ęte myself

I mean I am too big for you, I can not kekere myself

I am a king, I am the thing, I am the one they want to see

Young and getting it, lil Kesh, shey bo ba shey wun e

If I tell you what I've been through, oloun ko le ye e

That time I was frustrated, to ba sun mo mi, maa le e

And now that I'm looking back, I give God all the glory

In case if you don't know my brother this is my story

Igba, iponju de o

Mo ke, si baba loke

O ni, ma beru, ma foya

I dey

Igba iponju de ba mi

Mo wo'lugbala

Ta lo'lugbala

Nibo ni ma ti ro'lugbala

O ni ma beru

O ni ma foya

You know I dey here

Omo mi, you know I dey here . .