Skit 1 Lyrics By Lil Kesh


Skit 1 Lyrics By Lil Kesh

Hey baby?

Don't call me baby

I nor your mate oh

Because I'm friending you does not mean talk say

Me and you na mate oh, please watch your tongue

Have you heard the new trend all around town

I don't have nutrient, I tell you before, when I small for village they did not feed us well

So my skin nor really fresh like that it's just the Air Conditioner

No baby, not that, it's trending on over social media

Pleeeeeaaaaassssse are you going to beg me, I don't want to follow all those chochos media, because all these thing are put person in problem

Even the government own na chochos media

Please I don't do that anywhere, I'm on my own lane

Baby, this is totally different, like you have to be, you have to be part of this trend right now

Oda n pe oti jya wéré, to tan lo yen danu

Because I have to emphasize on it

Ehn oyinbo ma n size eh ni

Emphasizing it, It's YAGI!

Yagist! ah what is that

That sounds very fresh, is it a biscuit


YAGI what is it

Young And Getting It

Oh, so you want to call me old and I nor getting it, is that what you're telling me?

So what is young and... are you younger than me

My money and you who is younger

Choose... my money and udey choose...

Gbese re

Eh what is that


That's sound something familiar


Ah! That is, that is little Kesh!

Is it because I love you

Is okay

I know you love me, buh you love my money

Is that not little Kesh music

Lil Kesh

Did he sing Young And Getting It


Awa naa ni Young And Getting It

It us it us

Warri Ya Daddy!