All By Yourself Lyrics By Brymo & AQ

All By Yourself Lyrics By Brymo & AQ 

I've never been there before

Never knew if I had this one before

The messiah will call his father bluff

All the barns and the bridges will burn

You're over yourself, you're all by yourself

Oh, I'm thinking that you know, oh

Oh, I'm happy that you know

It's okay, they don't know that you know

It's alright, it's alright

It's hard to believe we all gonna die someday

It's kinda fuc^ked up that you had to pick a Saturday

Fu^ck up my weekends now you really made it hard to pray

What's there to pray for, when on the real I could just die today

I sound ungrateful for all the crazy times you held my Back

I text you now and wait, but you don't text me back

How could we go through all the things that we supposed to

And you wouldn't be here to get it back, your passing made me antisocial

Fu^ck my vocals, making this song wouldn't bring my homey back

My brother my breathe, I said who made the track

You know them clowns, always around when you feeling down

Blood sucking anopheles, you leeches

What you want from me

You told me that, it was our time, and

I made something happen

Picture us laughing while we yapping on the phone

As time would pass and I'm thinking to myself

You should have taken the vaccine

They caught my homie lacking

Who would have thought I'd be back-tracking

When we should be stacking

Another funeral I'm trying be there for your brothers

I couldn't face your mother cos I feel I failed ya

I'm gonna miss while you gone

You left your brother all alone

How long we mourn

Life goes on

Oh I'm thinking about you

Oh I'm happy that you know

It's okay they don't know that you know

It's alright, it's alright!