Alone Lyrics By Brymo

Alone Lyrics By Brymo 

My baby is gone

She split like a splitter

Now my life is back when it binter

How can I say goodbye to love so young

I was sponged, hung and love cross

My cup full of dross

Like a blast of wind, she came

The sea went away

But what more can I say!

But my baby is gone

My soul wanders in the darkness of love exit

I hope her tears and laughters struggles

For my sorrow

My love has furthered away

Winds of flurry

Now, I'm alone cause she's gone

Alone, no one to call my own

My heart is a pool of un-shedding tears

My pain fizzle, like rain

It sizzle, I'm fizzle

Out on the roof top of my life

Pouring on the liquid cupid of my part

Alas like rain, my pain, days, not to be dispute

As it join put my hair

My hands on my feet

This slit still it pour

Cause why I ask you to please me

You only tease me miss

With your kiss

Which I still miss

My life is a song

And my mind find the lyrics hung

My drum of my heart sound like a temple gun

My life is a poem, the lyrics another side of love song

How come, I walk alone on busy street

I see a pretty girl walks by on beautiful feet

Just when I'm about to speak

I realise we were once seeing different things

I pray God, I wanna be a man

It clears, she wants a man

But, I'm not clear if that's the man that I am

So I act like I do not care

And walking by, thinking God

She's fly, neither us nay of hopes and dreams, so it seems

I wipe my heart clean, cause even to myself I gatta be mean, so I need to be truly at home

I gatta be alone, cause even when I'm with you

I still feel lone, so alone

But by Jove, life alone is not enough

Truly alone, wanting some

Getting none

How to have some fun, by my lonesome suffering

A sufferage of boredom

So I'm singing song where lyrics only hum

And the only word deservable is alone, alone, alone

Truly alone


My only companion

Is why I keep keeping on, non-stopping

Keeping on, from dusk to dawn

On and on and on

But from now on, it's on

I'm gone!