Denied (Remix) Lyrics By Blaqbonez feat. Dremo & Psycho YP

Denied (Remix) Lyrics By Blaqbonez feat. Dremo & Psycho YP


I'm so ahead of my time

2018 held me back

Carry their cross, I'm their Christ

Pray to God to save my life

Cause I'm really going in, killing this people like flies

Well on my way to the ice

Never been lucky, my life ain't a roll of the dice

I just cannot be denied

This ain't no war

I be like fantasy

Second, I murder like half of your guys

Resbeen stretching telepathic methods

Homie don't even imagine that I'm nice

I've been the sickest, menace like denis

I rap like a lion decuiper dedanis

A lion like Lucius, I'm dicking Cookie on the mattress

I snap like Kardashans, you take me for granted

Your nig*ga is blaq (okay), I been the kid and it's facts (real talk)

We be the kid wey sabi book but we

Still deh sit for the back (the back)

Don't even talk to me

I can bearly hear you over the sound of my greatness (ayaya)

They told me drop a classic and I did it with no hesitation

Like Nigga I did it 'cause

I'm so ahead of my time

I feel like Samurai Jack

Mohammed Ali in his prime

I knock nig^gas out of a track

Oh, you Usain Bolt in his prime

Hope you fast enough to run me a cheque

Cause I been back to back the girls on my chest

No deh take transfer, I take it straight to the bank

I don't fu^ck with the bag


Cause rappers don't got it like singers (like singers)

So rappers turn into singers

But I be rapper wey deh sing I'm

Just in between the bars and the bangers

The girls want to bang us, yes I'm the baddest

This is 30BG and the jets' in the hanger


We making the difference, I'm the reason why these rappers are angry

No matter the facts (facts)

I'm set to go in on your mark (on your mark)

They act up but I don't react

Cause I don't really give a fu^ck

Don't even talk cause I can bearly hear

You cause actions speaks louder than words

I'm smoking hot and I'm fly, bout to roll a blunt right before I board

(I'm bored)

You only got you mehn nobody got you (can't be denied)

Just tell em fuck off if they don't support you (can't be denied)

I'm bout to take off like Quavo my uncle (can't be denied)

I'm about to do everything that I want to

Really I can't be denied

You nig^gas should sit on the side

She told me I'm heartless

I listened to Santi, so I put my life on the line

You nig^gas ain't rolling with pride

Mixing the four with the five (scrr)

Mixing the Lin with the lime (scrr)

Roll up a J for the night

See I don' passed out like a hundred

Times, and I'm blowing up like a hundred mines

You can hit me up on my cellular

But I can bet on it, you won't get the line

I won the clad, I don't need to

Wild nig^ga drip thick see through

Drip look like it needs sea food

Freezing up her number like I need to

Nig*ga I'm cold, extra freezing

Shout out to the nig^gas that believe me

All year YP season

Chain so choked I'm breathing

Oh sh^it

Oh my Jesus!

Really I've been looking for a diva

Send a good chick home don't need her

Take a bad chick out with the visa

I'm so ahead of my time aye

2018 held me back aye

I'm so ahead of my time aye

Came back to carry my charger aye

I'm so ahead of my time oh

Think I already retired aye

I'm so ahead of my time Hmmm

Naija already expired aye

Was like 2045 when Buhari was the president

Was still till the president oh s^hit

He was the president oh shi^t

Was still the president oh s^hit

I think naija don expire oh fuc^k!