Johnny Lyrics By Falz

Johnny Lyrics By Falz


Johnny just drop

Na person shout am down

Johnny wey dey innocent

Johnny wey dey new in town

Them kill am for Jos

For no just cause

Nobody fit comot for house dem no born us

Johnny no get priviledge

But Johnny want more

E wan go study

Johnny say e wan be doctor

Em family die for the same floors

Same floors wey em blood pour

Why we no fit be one bros

What you wasting all the blood for

Shey na religion abi culture

Abi politician wey dey sponsor

Wetin be the thing wey dey cause war

Wey you no stop to dey drop blood

Who do you need to stone me the Matchete

What is the point of the gunshot


Johnny just drop

(Johnny just drop)

Johnny just drop

For no just cause




Johnny come

Johnny go

Johnny just complete em youth service

Passing out tomorrow

So the guys dem do party

For the place

Wey the boys dem dey meet usually

One or two drinks to relax

No be say dem too shack

Time don go

Night don show

Make dem come go house

Who stand for road

Make I horn oh

Na em po po shout

Park there

Where your particulars

And where do you think that you are going like this

Nu wo yi ale

Elu kpe le ma beh

Te ba soro ju, ema teh

Una don run go chop life

Oya give me my share

Before them talk one

E say shut up

Small boy, who dash you liver

Talk more I go cock gun

Small time e don pull trigger


E don kill am oh

We are gonna have a short break

Everybody say yea yea

Yea yea

Johnny just drop

Na po-po shoot am down

This motherfu^cking trigger happy nig^ga

Just cause unnecessary sorry for em family sha

All because them no oblige you when you ask for some cash

No fuc^king dreads, no weapons

Just him and his guys in his car

You have the guts to tell me you accidentally discharge

Mad man


You be bloody bastard

You waste a life and try to tell me that you sorry after

Trying times and dark days is just becoming darker

It's still the same sad story just another chapter

Johnny drop for Borno

Johnny kpai for Plateau

Some blame it on religion

Some they fight for Malu

Johnny drop for Lagos cause a foolish man overdo

Johhny continue to drop

Eyan melo lo maku

Eyan melo lo maku

Eyan melo lo maku