Mid Flight Announcement (Skit) Lyrics By Falz

Mid Flight Announcement (Skit) Lyrics By Falz

Goo moring ladies and gentlemen

You are welcome aboard this Boeing 737 Stories that Toush h'airline flight to London, jUK coming from Lagos, Nigeria

Your pilot for today is Captain FalztheBahdGuy

I'm the assistant by name of Brother Taju but the ladies call me T.J. for short

Sincere apology to make this announcement in the mid-h'air

Our megaphone is not working before

But our mochalic is able to fiz it

So mush pothole on the way going

Therefore we are likely to experience serious troubulent

But not to worry, just fasten your seatbent

There may be lost of cabin preyor

We have exhaust all our oxygen maks

Maintain your breathing, do not behave like illiterate

Is also possible that we are force to land on water

There is no life jacket on this elucopter

Sorry sorry thi is aeroplane

In this aeroplane, sorry, so you will be stranded

If you look to your back, you'll observe that the cabin crews are just about to light the gas in order to prepare your lunsh.

In the meantime, there is a lirru bit of fingerfood together with a cold mineral for you to feel comfortable

Once again thanks so much for choosing to fly with Stories that Touch h'airline

Sit back, relaz comfortable and enjoy your flight!