No Longer Stupid Lyrics By Blaqbonez

No Longer Stupid Lyrics By Blaqbonez 

So there was like this time I went to em Unilag

There was a show at indoor sport hall

And emm...

I was tryna perform

And the organizer was like

We don't have time for any more upcoming guys and stuff

Somehow Terry Da Rapman got me on stage

So em...

When he got me on stage right

He said Blaqbonez

The crowd went crazy

Like everybody was shouting, screaming

People were jumping

And am like shaking people

Then I turn back and look at the organizer like

You see this shi^t

You see

You see what I did

Ha ha

Like its crazy men

This year has been crazy


I have been dropping flows around

Feel like I have been chosen now

Earlier I was stupid

I couldn't take a different route

Bridges that I have burned

Am hoping that I go rebuild it

There is a new fonte for me

Am no longer stupid

Nobody is perfect

I was worse than imperfect

Childish and irrational

Rapping without a purpose

Look back on my former self

I can't believe it

Lost in all the hype

I really never listened but

Shoutout to Boogie for telling me how it is

How this people perceive me

How to just focus on my shit

Been 180 ever since

I try to run form sins

Am maybe about to blow

I must do apologies

I got to set this sh^it right

It make me sleep better at night

After I wrote this sh^it I almost cried

I didn't know I had this side


After all this time

My hearts been heavy

Yea I still cannot think clearly

But I just drop a project now

Everybody hypo now


My former sins try to shoot me down

Karma is a bi^tch and a bit^ch don't pull her pen^is down

And ready to f^uck me over

Its over if I just fu^ck and drown

Am just tryna make sure

What am doing is not a merry go round

Am just tryna build a strong foundation

So I never go down

Building on L-O-V-E

Hoping y'all forgive me

To love on all you see me

Just know that I just been busy

I got you in mind

Give a second

I will bless you with fact

No need for trace everything

Positive on this side

Am really over with that bullshit

Tryna get money to show on functions

Yeah yea!

Cousin send a text saying the street is watching

But fu^ck the negativity

Focus on profit

Cause people gon' say what they wanna

They gon' tweet at you

Talking just filter them

What matters is crazy

When you popping this crazy

Yo, verified accounts in my DM

And other stuffs like

Yo your hype has been crazy

Am like

You can't tell me shit nig^ga, nah

Soundcity put me

In album of the year conversation bro

You don't really get it though

It's crazy

It's crazy

It's Bad Boy Blaq!




It's been a crazy a^ss year

Thought I'd never make progress

But now am facing my fears

I've realized its not into being afraid

I just do it

My inspiration

My best move

Is spontaneous

Is real

I'm really out here topping charts

I'm really out here

Making my mama proud

I do this for all the rappers

They said we never get money

No more insufficient funds

Able God got me balling

Its beautiful

When you think about the hustle

Spiritual like a mostly my

Pop a stage

I'm rapping

People are chanting

It's crazy how I came for who the fuc^k is this ni^gga though


You don't know this ni^gga?

Oh shi^t

You under a rock my ni^gga

But am thankful for the fans

I don't got a name for you

But trust me that am coming

Just know that I really got you though

Hit Moelogo

You send me a verse in a day

Message me the other day

We kick it like we never had issues

That's really real

I appreciate

Adekunle Gold posted my album

After all the shenanigans

Couldn't move like a mannequin

Like how is someone is great

How is someone this forgiving after all the hate

Vector supported me after all of the fuc^kery

For that hero remain a freaking boss to me

That's real!!