Young Preacher Lyrics By Blaqbonez

Young Preacher Lyrics By Blaqbonez 

Young preacher, young-young preacher

Young preacher, young-young preacher

Yeah, young preacher

Shit, that ass on supervision

Young preacher, fuckin' every choir mistress

My brain fucked up, kinda need an intervention

Young preacher and I never been superstitious

Fuck that energy, I fuck whoever I want

Til I put (Uh) inside that (Uh) 'ssy, we talkin' too much

Can't no shawty trap a nigga

Be on 'em hard, and trap beats

Run 'em tracks like an athlete, you will never have my kids by

By, chance or by happenstance

I pull out even with rubber in every circumstance, uh

Cause I'm a real ass nigga

If I ever have a kid, he'll be a real ass nigga

Cause I'ma raise that nigga, I ain't gon' dip like my daddy, ah

We talkin' now but it was hard in the beginnin'

Rose flat bro, one-room apartment in the ghetto

Drove by last year, made a video, that's life goals, uh

Now, I'm on the charts preachin' gospel

Mom in a new crib even my pops too

I wouldn't change a thing if I could

Maybe all this sufferin' turned me to this man on the moon (I'm moonwalkin')

I'm moonwalkin' past my competition

Don't recognize no opposition, God put me in a firm position

I say God but don't believe in religion

I know there's a higher power but they twisting the teachin'

I just focus on being good to the next man

This why I never lie, I'll tell a bitch what she don't wanna hear

Uh, I spit facts, I'm a new jigga

But girls don't really like the truth, it's too bitter but they drinkin' alcohol without chasing, it's crazy

I don't get how shawties switch from superman to a baby

Shawty acting cute but I can tell that she crazy

Cut her off 'cause I see through the see throughs and the fake shit

This is wise words from a nigga who done fucked all kind of chicks

Famous, big ass, egotistic, all kind of chicks

Titties fallin', titties standin', an ovation

So listen when I speak and stop being impatient

This was a message from the Young Preacher

To led them, to messages on critical thinking, the streets and university hoes, quest quick!!