Intro Lyrics By Burna Boy


Intro Lyrics By Burna Boy 

So what do you think about Burna Boy?

Fantastic artist but I think he is on a path of destruction


Well we've all seen it, we've all seen what Burna Boy can do and can't do

Burna Boy can make good music, but Burna Boy can't be a responsible artist

Burna Boy can not keep everything within, as an artist

Controversy has clouded his whole career

It just shows how, I mean

I mean from the progression from how he started

Fantastic music, you know smothered by controversy

Upon controversy, upon controversy, up 'til now

Well he has the hits, and he has that bad boy image

Which goes with the controversy as well

See talent is never enough

Burna Boy is one of the most talented 

Nigerian artist right now, right?

He makes good music, he's got good lyrics, but talent is never enough

If talent was enough, you know

Majek Fashek will still be number one artist maybe in Africa or the world

We've seen artist come and go

Just because they couldn't keep their career together

You know, only this year Burna Boy has been in say four, four-five controversies

From threatening to kill bloggers

To you know posting pictures of guns on his Instagram

To calling out the MAMAs because he wasn't self-nominated, he was nominated

You know he didn't have any solo nominations

To fighting with reggae artists in Southern Africa

You know and all that, threatening to kill people, I mean

If you, you can't, you can't have all that and have a peaceful career

It doesn't work that way

Controversy will kill you!